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I have iPhoto preinstalled on my MacBook Pro. The question is: is I buy a new Mac and throw away my old one, can I transfer my iPhoto licence to the new one? If yes, how?


I didn't buy the AppStore one but the preinstalled...



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Keith Barkley Level 5 (5,920 points)

    iPhoto will come with your new Mac, though you may need to accept it and download it from the App Store.


    No need to transfer the license.


    If you want to use the old version for some reason, you can install it on the new Mac, as long as you delete it from the old one.

  • LarryHN Level 9 (74,400 points)

    Most importantly you need to keep your photos. You do this by transferring the iPhoto library intact as a single entity from your old computer to your new computer via a network, direct connection or external hard drive. Do not use migration assistafirths the iPhoto library.



  • Jet787 Level 1 (20 points)

    Unfortunately I didn't do the purchase in the AppStore so even if now on the Old one I look for it, I cannot download from there but I have to buy it... So I think it doesn't work...


    What about back upping with time machine and do the migration to restore all my old mac image including apps?

  • Jet787 Level 1 (20 points)

    Tnxs. However my photo are on specific folders, I do not allow iPhoto to copy my photo but only their link.

    I keep them in manual folder since I want to have control on their location in case I want to switch to other system out of Apple World...


    However, what about restoring my time machine to the new mac through migration?

  • LarryHN Level 9 (74,400 points)

    As noted Migration assistant does not work well (or at all sometimes) with the iPhoto library


    A time machine restore should work except since you have chosen to use a referenced library you are very likely to not be able to access your photos. As a note for the future there is absolutely no reason to ever use a referenced library with iPhoto. It has no advantages of any sort and has many disadvantages including making upgrading hardware extremely difficult. It is likely that your best course of action will be to use iPhoto Library Manager to create a managed library then move that over. Good luck




    As to the iPhoto app, all you have to do is log into the App store using the Apple ID you used to st up your computer and under purchases accept your Apps if you have not done that and download the iPhoto App



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    Sorry Larry but I do not understand.

    1) why you say that making a referenced library can create problem in case of hardware upgrade? What problem are you talking about?

    2) why you say there is absolutely no reason to make a referenced library? My reason is that by doing so I have all the photos organised in a folder structure that I like. So, if I want to pass to Windows I just copy and past the structure I have and the work is done. In the same way, if I have an issue with iPhoto or want to create a new one without migration to a new mac, I can just copy and past the structure I have on the new mac HD and then import by reference all the main folder to the new iPhoto and it will automatically recreate the same Events structure I had in the old one... Is there anything wrong in what I say?


    Finally, as regarding Apps, while I have available for download All the apps I purchased through AppStore, I do not available iLife for Free...probably because I bought it preinstalled before it was available on the Store... For this reason I am asked to pay for the download... Any advice?

    Tnxs a lot for ur help.


  • LarryHN Level 9 (74,400 points)

    1. Among other things a referenced library has no ability to update the path to the original photo except one by one manually. A daunting task. And with your new computer the path will be different


    2. Because what you are doing makes importing more difficult, makes deleting photos more difficult (a two step process), means if you move "your" way to a new system system you get only the original photos (no edits, no faces, no metadatspa updates. --  just the exact originals). With a managed library you can easily move you're iPhoto library intact to a new Mac keeping everything exactly as it was. To go to a new platform you can export your event structure using third party software. In short there is no advantage of a referenced library and mand disadvantages


    3. IPhoto came with your computer and that version can be downloaded from your purchased software.



  • Jet787 Level 1 (20 points)

    Hi LN, tnxs for the reply.

    While I can agree with you for n2, I don't on n.1, since the fact that a referenced library has no ability to update the path if I change computer is an Apple issue that should be fixed by them since they have the technology for it.


    As regarding n.2, I do not use third party software, however I am thinking that a solution could be to do a manual backup at the end of the year by exporting events to an External HD and having what I am doing manually all the time... however I am noticing that if I select 10 events to export, photos are exported in a single folder and not in 10 different ones... however it easier to do a manual export at the end of every year than doubling operations every time I have to add a photo on my library...


    However I noticed a strange thing: if I have a photo and import it on iPhoto, then export again... the exported one size is lower than the original... why??


    3) since the iPhoto I have was purchased when AppStore was not available for those softwares, how can the AppStore know that I am entitled to dowanload it for free if it is not associated to my iTunes Account?


    Tnxs cheers

  • LarryHN Level 9 (74,400 points)

    Sorry this forum is not about "what should" be but what is NSC what is is that referenced libraries are not handled well in iPhoto. They are in Aperature (and with the latest version of both they can share a library allowing Aperture to fix this problem for iPhoto libraries) and future releasesotpf iPhoto may address this. Or may not. In any case it is not recommend ded now and has not been in any previous version of iPhoto


    As to using third party software. Your choice. The latest version of iPhoto does have the ability to export your event structure


    I have no idea what you are talking about in buying software that was not available when you bought it. All new Macs come with iPhoto. You just drag to old iPhoto library to the pictures folder of the new system and launch iPhoto. Nothing complicated about it



  • Jet787 Level 1 (20 points)

    Tnxs. As regarding buying software, I am sorry but I did a mistake w another post where I was wondering about Pages and other preinstalled softwares that are not available to me through AppStore, since AppStore was not existing at the time... just forget it...


    Since you are so expert about iPhoto, could you please tell me the following 2 issue I have since I switched (today...) from referenced to imported photo?


    1) I imported almost 21Gb of photos. Now, the iPhoto Library is about 7Gb... If I am not wrong, this means that iPhoto's photos are not all stored in iPhoto Library but somewhere else... if I am correct, where??


    2) Before abandoning referenced photos, I was synching my iPhoto library with iPhone and iPad by selecting photos which were already hardly modified, i.e. files of photo already modified. Now, as you say, I have the nice option to modify photos on iPhoto and be able to go back to the original photo if needed. Unfortunatly I had the bad surprise that after synchronization with my iOS devices, all the photos I have on them are the original one and no of them is containing any modification..... Of course there is something I am missing since this is not making any sense... but I cannot find the right way... Any help?? tnxs...



  • LarryHN Level 9 (74,400 points)

    1. Yes. Something is not correct. For a recommended managed library the library will be larger than the imported photos. Check the copy preference and be sure it is checked


    2. I'm not clear on what you are seeing



  • Jet787 Level 1 (20 points)

    1) yes, the copy preference is checked and my HD free space is decrease correctly by more than 20GB. However the photo library is only 7 GB.... Looking strange...


    2) I try to explain better with an example:

    I use iPhoto to modify my photos and make them more nice;

    I sync them with my iPad and iPhone;

    I open my iPhone and iPad photo library and all my modified photos appear without modification; they have been synched only in the original format.

    What is wrong?


    The thumbnails aswell are not synched. My iOS devices library thumbnail is just the first photo in the event/album folders and not the same photo Inhave choose in the related iPhoto Event/Album.


    Hope this time Inwas more clear.



  • LarryHN Level 9 (74,400 points)

    Yes something Sounds wrong without mor information I have no idea. Are you sure you imported the high res photos?  Right click on the iPhoto library and show package contents. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING!  Look at the masters folder. What size is it? Are your photos in it?


    For the sync issuesee this thread.



  • Jet787 Level 1 (20 points)

    Now it is 26GB... I had to exit iphoto and enter back  in order to have the updated dimension.


    But why the total dimension is higher than the one of the original photos?


    Tnxs for the other info

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