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    You know guys, i asked a simple question because i didn't know for sure. I am getting an iPhone for the first time and was thinking that the Apple forum people might be as cool and helpful as the Android market forums, this clear misconseption has caused me to continue my dislike for the apparent attitude of this company and its followers. Thanks for the help.

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    looks who's calling the kettle black.

  • Mark Issacs Level 1 Level 1

    Gentlepersons:  Forgive me sounding like the old guy that I am - but since I can remember buying an Apple Lisa and the days of 300 and then 1200 baud modems - maybe I can get away with the "older and wiser" routine for a moment??


    Please remember that the idea of a user support forum is to try to HELP each other find answers one cannot otherwise, or hasn't found, as yet.  Kindness, courtsey and maybe even a little compassion for someone who is lost, frustrated and even confused by various "rumors" that have appeared and then disappeared just as quickly from the web - those little bits of courtsey and kindness cost you nothing and have the added benefit of making you look like a decent human being, as a by-product. Not a bad thing!.


    There was a time when even the most expert user knew nothing and a bit/byte/baud and data and datum might as well have been Greek to him/her. We all learn and at different times and in different ways. If you're able to help someone else learn, understand, and comprehend something about their equipment, Great! But when you offer that help, do so in a kind and gentle way. People are sensitive about 'not knowing' and can get embarrassed easily when someone makes them feel or look foolish. 


    Apple's 'secretive' nature about new products seems to foster all kinds of rumors about what it doesn't do now and hopefully will do with some sort of upgrade. My experiene with Apple over the years is that "rumored" upgrade usually requires new hardware to obtain the speculatie "benefit" whatever it may be.  But then hey - Apple is in the Hardware business and selling their products is what they do.  As a rule of thumb - if Apple doesn't announce it as an up-and-immediately working feature or function - don't hold your breath about getting the desired item without buying a whole new computer/iPad/iPhone/etc.  Just FYI. If the Apple ''press" had their way we'd all be talking to HAL 2000 while he ran our entire lives, vs chatting with Siri as she misspells something for the 20th time! <grin>


    Be kind to each other. We're all here for a very short time, after all...

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    Thanks for your response about whether the iPhone 4S had LTE support on Verizon.  (I knew it did not on AT&T but wasn't sure about VZW.) 

    FWIW, I do recall reading that when iPhone 4S users upgraded to iOS 6 at the top of the screen it changed from 3G to 4G.  However, there was no hidden switch inside the device it was simply AT&T's weak attempt at trying to spin the truth that their 3G+ network (or whatever they were calling it) was "real" 4G.  From my experience, 4G LTE is anywhere from 4 to 12 times as fast as 3G (or AT&T's non-LTE 4G).

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    Mac OS X

    Just a typical troll, and not even a particularly good one.

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    I just wanted to comment on Electronicsguy's remark about "anyone who knows, knows because they found it on the internet" comment.  You realize that when you type a question into google IE "Why are elephants big?" you get answers SOMETIMES in the form of a FORUM such as this one correct? Like when I google'd "Will my Iphone 4S support Verizon's 4G LTE?" It brought me to this very forum.  I know that sometimes you'll get to a site dedicated to elephants and such but for the most part, you type a question, it takes you to a forum where previous users have asked the same question and have been answered.  He was 100% in the right to ask here and for you to give such a vague answer was very uncooth and just plain trollery (if that's a word).

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