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I have an iPAD Retina, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4.  I have coworkers with iPhone 4/4S's.  Our work WiFi has a splash page that used to come up in iOS 5.X once you connected to the WiFi network itself.  After upgrading to iOS6 that page is hit or miss if it comes up.  If it doesnt you have to pretty much restart you iOS device.  Forgetting the network does not resolve it.  The same is true with certian public WiFi networks such as ATT @ Starbucks.


Secondarily, we used to be able to use the Safari Autofill option so that if you had to type in something on that splash page, such as your email, it would auto complete after typing the first few characters. 


Has anyone found a decisive fix?  I have not had time to actually try anything other than forgetting and rebooting the device. I could reset all network settings, kill cookies, etc


It just seems there are tons of WiFi reports/bugs out there... but none have been quite specific to these two issues.




iPad, iOS 5.1.1, 64GB Retina