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I am at wit's end. Until a couple of days ago, my 1st gen Apple TV connected fine to iTunes. Now, it will not connect no matter what. I have tried the following:


1) restart both ATV and my machine (Win 7 running iTunes 10.7)

2) restored ATV factory settings and reinstalled software

3) hard-wire via ethernet to my computer (which some articles seemed to indicate should work - nothing happened)

4) hard-wired both my cpu and ATV to a router - nothing shows up

5) removed and reinstalled all Apple programs, including iTunes, QT and ancillary

6) vaired between hard-wired internet connection and wireless for ATV

7) did everything on this page, including open ports manually http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1453


Most frustrating of all, my wife sees the device instantly in her iTunes. AGHH!

Apple TV, Windows 7
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    Same thing happened to me, starting right after I  updated the Apple TV firmware. I restarted both devices to no avail. I can, however, play my itunes library content from the apple TV's "computer" app. So there must be some kind of connection. What I've lost is the ability to stream music from iTunes using AppleTV as an "airplay" device.

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    I was having similar problems with Itunes and neflix today so I unplugged my appleTV from electrical socket and pugged it back in again. Now everything is working fine.