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Hi i'm moving from London to the U.S. and as my imac is about 5 years old i don't have the original packing material (no space) any ideas on how to pack it safely?? will those little foam chip things do anything?
i'd appreciate any ideas!

imac flower power slot loader, Mac OS X (10.3.4)
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    Taking the lead from how Apple themselves pack their products I would use rigid foam board. I also, without having the original box would double box the computer. The inner box would hold the computer wrapped in plastic bubble wrap and peanuts type packing material and then this box would be placed inside of another slightly larger box with rigid sheet foam and peanuts around this.

    Overseas shipping can be very ruff on containers. I have not shipped a computer overseas myself but judging how some of my items have been handled when shipping ebay items that I have sold I would pack it very well or have a professional packer pack it whether you ship it with them or not you could have them pack it if you don't feel confident enough.

    I certainly think a flower power model worth treating with TLC.......I wish I had bought one originally......

    And above all, INSURE IT!

    good luck,

    littleshoulders [:-)

    PS. And a big "Welcome to America" when you arrive from all of us here at the Discussions! (or Welcome Back if your just moving back....)))