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Hey Apple People,


First post so hope this goes ok. I'm having a problem since I updated to io6 on my 3rd gen ipad, basically I'm having problems re-joining my works wifi. Now I know there are other wifi issues with ios 6 but this is slightly different.


When I enter my companies wifi security WEP2 on my 3rd gen ipad or iphone 5 it wants to load another page, titled "log in" this starts to load the but shortly after is interupted by my companies DNS Blocker and a page which displays something to along the lines of... cannot load page "www.apple.com" is blocked on this network, please contact your network administrator.


Now my company IT director will not unblock this apple website due to people who abuse the system and download apps / stream stuff from apple, but why is it trying to load this page anyway, once the blocker kicks in and the page fails to load the connection to my company wifi then fails also! why should I have to log into apple to verify a company WEP2 password? basically it means my ipad is useless at work, even though I use it for work emails etc all the time!


Is there anyway I stop it loading this page so it will complete my connection to my company Wifi?


Any help appreciated!



iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6
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    I am having the same issue. Unfortunately I manage our web filter, and I will NOT open www.apple.com for the same reasons your director won't. This is a hospital, and we have MANY iPhones here that are used primarily for accessing our Intranet, in-house mail server, etc.  We shouldn't even have to verify Internet connectivity JUST to use wifi.

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    After connecting to wifi, iPad checks to see if connectivity to internet is possible, and/or if further login is required. To do that - it checks connectivity to www.apple.com . If not - it assums wifi is no good to you, and switches back to 3G.


    There is a valid reasoning behind it, but indeed, it sounds like there are scenarious in which there should be option to disable this...