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I have model A1362 of the camera connection kit, and it does not work with my 64GB SDXC card, will it work with a 32GB, or should I stick with SDHC?


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    The Camera Connection Kit only supporst SDXC cards if they are not formatted as ExFAT. Check the formatting of the card; that may be the issue. For more information on card types supported, see:





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    I have the same problem.  I use a SDXC card in my Cannon T2i that works wonderfully with it and my PC.  However, I want to transfer pics to my IPad.  I have the adapter.   The SDXC card is not supported in exFAT format.  I have a 64 GB SDXC card.  I tried reformatting it, but I have a PC running Windows 7 64 bit operating system.  It only formats in exFAT or NTFS.  I have heard I must format the card in FAT. But the problem is that a card formatted in FAT wont run on a 64 bit system.  It will work on a 32 bit system.  It is not even an option on my PC.   So, to format my card would make it now incomparable with my PC.


    So, the only solution I can see is to buy a new SDHC card that the iPad connection kit will recognize. 

    Is there another solution or is Apple simply going to fix this issue by making the IPad able to read exFAT formats?  Is this fix in the works??? 

    Any other ideas before I shell out another $50 to $100 on another type of SD card?

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    32GB is the max size SD card that the CCK will read.


     Cheers, Tom

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    I just got a new extreme pro 64 gb card which won't work in the sd reader as its sdxc but you can plug your camera into the USB conector and have the sdxc card in the camera and it will work fine. Video too :)