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  • tcarrion Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same issue with my iPhone 5 64gb.  It shut off randomly but in my case it restart inmediately.  How ever it occurs like 6 times per day, it is extremely annoying.  This happend before and after I updated to iOS 6.0.2 and happend original as factory and with all my apps restored, so I think is hardware related, not software.  We need to hear from Apple right away!!!

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    I don't have those apps and got the same problem. After 2 days rebooting every half an hour the phone just died. I couldn't even turn it on. I took it to the store and they said it's a hardware problem. From what I've been reading many 64GB models have the same problem. In the end they gave me a new phone. So I suggest you take your phone to Apple and get a new one.

  • thegreengiant94 Level 1 (0 points)

    So I took my iPhone 5 into the apple store and they told me to restore my phone to factory settings then restore it from my backup. Then they made a note saying I did it and if it happened again it would be a hardware issue and they would replace my I have a iPhone 5 32 gb.

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    I don't have that app Jendeross. I did a factory restore and did not install anything after wards except Whatsapp and Facebook. It kept shutting down.


    I am going to the Apple Store in Amsterdam today so I will see what happens.

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    I have been doing some research about iPhone shutting down and one thing came up that really made sense to me:  view the diagnositics & usage log to note any exceptions that are occuring when the problem occurs.


    I went to Settings -> General -> About -> Diagnostics & Usage and viewed the logs.


    It was no suprise to find an application having critical memory errors.   I stopped using that application and the random shutdown issue did not reoccur.  The vendor updated the application and I began using it again, and there seems to be no problem this time.


    My impression is this:  the iPhone supports a large number of apps that have to play nice beside one another.  From time to time, conflicts occur and device memory management may be adversely affected.  It is not necessarily an issue with the iPhone OS.  It can be an issue with an application which must run in the same memory space as an indeterminate number of other applications.


    Not using the application, an awesome camera app I love, seems to have resolved the issue.  They recently updated the app and I have been using it cautiously again to see what happens.  So far, so good.


    It is not conclusive what the caused my iPhone to shut down and behave, badly, this way.  But it appears for now the issue is with a third party app on my phone.

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    I went to the Apple Store today and the Apple Genius said that after running the diagnostic test it seemed that my battery was already dead after 5 months (red indicator in the test). He gave me a new iPhone so it resolved the problem


    The Genius said that they had not seen this battery problem before in the Apple Store in Amsterdam with the iPhone 5 already. They have seen it with the iPhone 3GS, because it's pretty old but not with the iPhone 5.

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    This happened to me too on ios 6.0.2! I have iPhone 5 brand new and I got it from USA. Today it happened to me alone! It reduced my battery so much each time it randomly turn off

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    Problem solved:  I've gone several days now with no resets, no lookups and no Bluetooth static.  Problem was with springboard crashing (it's the interface to you IPhone).  Went to Apple store and they ran test and saw that as the issue.  Restored the firmware in my phone then set it up as a NEW PHONE - did not restore from backup.  I've had every iPhone and always restored from backup, carrying legacy issues over to each new phone.  The restore was a little painful - had to redownload the apps I use, setup all my accounts, etc - but the phone has been flawless and much faster!


    My issues where random reboots - I could set my phone down and watch it just reboot all by itself.  Random lookups with no button response - only a hard reset would bring it back to life. Bad Bluetooth audio - it was unusable in my car, though my jambox worked great.  Odd screen touch sensitivity - the screen was just a little off from my iPhone 4S making games like Where's My Water too inaccurate to play.


    All problems where fix and the phone is noticeably more responsive.  I will setup all future iPhones this way to prevent this from happening again.


    God luck everyone!


    James Fabin

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    Thanks for the tip, but I did restored the firmware with no luck, it still reset by it self.  I have now about 100 panic.plist logs in the diagnostic data, it reset like 15 times per day.  I live in Venezuela and the only Apple product the resellers do not support is the iPhone, so I have to make an International trip to the nearest apple store just to replace the iphone... Is just insane!!!... At the end I will have an 4000 dollars iphone!!!... I am thinking turning to Samsung, I am tired of all the issues with Apple products...

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    This was happening to me too on my 32GB iPhone 5. I got the phone at the beginning of October and it worked just fine until around the beginning of January. Then it started shutting down randomly, and the only way to bring it back up was holding down the wake and the power button for at least 20 seconds. Quite a PITA! This was happening about every other day, and the battery was draining incredibly quickly! I made an appointment at my local Apple store and went in a week ago Saturday.


    The guy said it could be either software or hardware related. Unfortunately, they didn't have a Sprint SIM card on hand, so if I wanted the phone replaced, I would have had to make a side trip to a Sprint store as well. So I decided to let him try the software fix. He made very good notes in case that didn't work, I could go back and just get the phone replaced. This is all without Apple Care, I may add. Apparently it's a known problem, and they're owning up to it. I did have to re-sync it when I got back home as a NEW phone, and did NOT restore it from any backup, just in case there was something bad in one of the backups.


    It's been running quite nicely since then, and with really good battery life. So if you're having this problem, run to the Apple store. They'll be glad to help you, but do make an appointment first. It makes things go more smoothly.

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    I have the iPhone5 64mb and the same problem as well. Very annoying when you rely on phone as an alarm clock and it turns itself off.

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    I just had this happen to me for the first time. I have the iPhone 5 16GB with iOS 6.1.2 and I was out running with Runkeeper. I noticed earlier that my battery was running down quickly, but I thought I might have just had the brightness up too high or something. I charged the phone up to 50% before I left on my 40-minute run, and then at about 36 minutes I checked what song I was listening to, clicked the screen off and stuck it back in my jacket pocket, and then nothing. I couldn't get it to turn back on, either. I got back home and plugged it in and it rebooted, and it said I had 35% power left, which is reasonable for power consumption while running with Runkeeper and music going, but then why did it shut down? I checked the diagnostics as described above, and the only file there is "LowBatteryLog" and it says all zeros for awake time, standby time, and capacity. The value for partial charge is a 1, which seems to defy the capacity value - if there's a partial charge, how can it be at zero capacity? Adoy. If this happens again I'm going to have to call Verizon, since the nearest Apple Store is about six hours' drive away. If it's a hardware issue across the line, I think Apple should issue a recall for devices experiencing the issue during the warranty period.

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    I bought my iPhone 5 65gbs in the month of october. And here is my issue, the phone randomly turns off. Screen freezes for a few seconds, and it turns off. I have also had the re-occuring problem, when I press on my sleep button it takes a random screen shot, and sometimes the buttons do not even respond and im left with a tactile screen. It even goes to the extent that my reset (Pressing both sleep and home buttons at the same time) does not even respond. This is getting extremely annoying and I do not know what to do. The bad part is since it is completely random, if I went to a Genius stall they might do a few tests and not detect anything because it is unpredictable.

    Need help ASAP

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    Interesting when you see very similar threads for the 3gs, 4 and 4s. Theres an awful lot of people with the same annoying problem. Personally I've done a restore, bought a new battery, replaced the power button and changed ios. None of these are solutions. My phone cuts out every 2nd phone call i make these days. Care to help out apple??

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    I have found the problem with my phone was a bad app. I downloaded a 2XL snowmobile racing game right around the time my phone began having problems. I deleted the app and the problem never happened again. I don't download many apps so I figured it was worth a try to retrace my steps before the problem occurred. Retrace your steps with some process of elimination worked for me.