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    I have had this happen to me just 5 months after getting my iPhone 5 and just two days after they updated it to 6.3 eventually my phone powered off and just never came back up try said the software had a corrupted file at the apple store and have me a new phone two day later it started to do the same thing I have now had this one for two weeks and it still does it when I did the diagnostics test it said something about the speaker phone I restored it to factory and Set up as new iPhone and it still does it and I have chatted with support 3 times and they say that this is not a known issue with the iPhone 5 after reading this post I beg to differ with them and if course they want you to go to apple to have your phone repaired and they are so far away this is bs if you ask me I think there phone is just messed up and they don't want to admit it has flaws

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    Hi, my name is bryan. I would like to ask if i can get my iphone 5 32gb model replaced in my country (Philippines) even if i bought the iphone 5 in australia because after  7 months of using, now my iphone is shutting down automatically like 4-5 times a day. Please reply ASAP tnx

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    You need to take it to an Apple store or an authorized service center... best if it is where you bought it, but could be on other official stores/service centers.

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    My question is, if it is possible for them to replace my iphone 5 here in the philippines even if i bought it in australia because i went there just for vacation and my 1 year warranty is still active.

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    I have had my iPhone 5 for less than a month & I'm having the same issues! Such a hassle to replace it especially since my iPhone was purchased in a different country & there are no authorised dealers in my country :/

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    Hi, i have been having the same problem for several weeks at least once in a day. My iphone 5 shuts off randomly even during a call or while using an app.  Screen fades suddenly and after 20-25 seconds apple icons appears on the screen again. It frustrates me and i dont want to take it to the service in order not to wait for at least one month without my phone. I have it checked by a good sevice once in my city, he has told me that there was not any hardware problemç Now i am not sure about what to do. Anypne can help?? I have the latest IOS 6.1.4

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    Hi JPhone95, you are not alone, i am having the same issue and that is extremely annoying, i had the same reply from a local apple support that my iphone does not have any hardware or software problem. They keep sayin it is caused by indeterminate applications. How can i know that hile one app is determinate while others are not. Now i am not sure to send it back to where i have bought by taking the risk of waiting at least for one month or keep using the iphone with its shutting down once a day. What shall we do now?

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    I had a very similar problem on my iPhone 5. Sometimes it just turned off by itself as I didn't see the crash. Sometimes it did crash while I was using apps. 


    When it did crash, the screen would freeze first, then showed vertical stripes (or went to pink), then the phone would be completely switched off (just like running out of battery). I had to hold Home button and power button at the same time for longer than 20 or even 30 seconds to see the white Apple logo to show up. Once the phone is back on, it shows full battery.


    The apps didn't matter. It crashed on Messages, on Mail, or even crashed on System app in front of Genius Bar staff while I was trying to show her the crash log. Apple staff told me it was a software issue and did a factory reset on my phone. So far so good.

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    My son has an iPhone 5 and has experienced random shut downs preceeded by a green screen even on a full charge.  This happens randomly 3-4 times per day.  I assumed it was because he got the phone wet, however, he swears that didn't happen.  Is the operating system really the root cause of this?  How do we fix it?  Get a new phone and lose all apps, etc.?  Geez, Apple, really?

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    I went to Apple Store to have the phone replaced. Since I don't have a lot of apps, so I restored all my apps to the new phone while I was at the Apple Store.

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    I have the same exact issue. I just bought my Iphone yesterday and today it suddenly shuts its self off while I wasn'y using it. I tried to press all the buttons but it didn't respond. When I plugged my iphone to the charger it reset itself and I could see my battery is almost full.

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    Now i am told that, my iphone 5 will be replaced with the new one. This problem is a hardware problem and i suggest everyone having this issue to take their phone to the authorised service. Good luck:)

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    I took my iPhone 5 to a local Apple store (made an appointment) and I was in and out with a new phone replacement within 10 minutes.  They took the phone in the "back" to check for other damage (like water) and when they discovered there was no other cause, I had a new phone in my hands with no questions asked.  I recommend backing up everything to iCloud before the replacement.

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    I purchased my iphone 5 64 Gb from Miami only a month ago and started having the same problem.

    Vertical lines, shut down and then apple logo and restart...and then shut down again!

    BUT I live in Europe so apparently there's no solution for me.

    I spent hours chatting with Apple support online where they keep telling me that the device needs to be "physically" in the US store.

    So now I have a broken iphone unless I find someone who travels to the US to take it to a store over there and have it fixed/replaced.

    Easy isn't it?

    Congrats to Apple and their international constraints and regionalized concerns!!Especially when I think that there's an Apple store only a 10' drive from where I live!

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    I have Iphone 5 16 gb just showing the apple logo, like when the phone is turning on. Will not respond to shut off or hard reset, nor is itunes responding to it....***????????? looks like i am the same in a line of issues