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I've tried to search my iCal for events dating back two or three years, but neither the iPad or iPhone will select any events pass last October.  Until recently I would be able to go back seven or eight years.  I took the iPad to the Genuis Board this week because I also had problems with the both showing events only for the past year.  They were able to delete the ical and restore to its original and all the events came back.  But when it came time to the search, they were unable to do anything. 
Has anyone else had this problem.  I got events going back eight years.

Mac, Mac OS X (10.0.x)
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    There is a setting that controls how far back in the past the calendar will sync to the device. The old events are still there in iCloud or wherever even if they don't show up in the calendar on the device.


    I hit a problem recently which I think was down to the calendar getting too big and with lots of repeating events. So I have started a new calendar for 2013. So far, so good.