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I have the iPhone 5 and it's running iOS6. I have a calendar that I share with my wife for our family calendar. I was working just fine about a week ago and for some reason it's not working now. The calendar is from my iCloud and my wife sees it on her phone. Everything shows up fine on my iCloud but it's not showing up on my phone at all. I've exhausted all resources I could think of. I have iCloud set up on my phone. I've deleted my iCloud account on my phone and signed in again. I've refreshed my calendar, changed the time for sync (All events, Events 6 months back, etc), I've restored my phone from a back-up. It's up to date and shows changes on my wife's 4s (with iOS6), her iCloud account, and my iCloud account online. It just doesn't show up at all on my phone. In fact, the only calendar I have on my phone is my exchange calendar (for work) and my facebook calendar. I don't know what I did, but I really hope someone can help me out. This is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance!

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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