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Before I upgraded to Mountain Lion, I was able to print headshot photos of people in my Address Book (now, CONTACTS).  I am now unable to do this now and I am quite frustrated by this since I use this feature for my job.


This is how I used to be able to print photos in Address Book:

  1. In Address Book, I'd highlight names I wanted to print
  2. I'd go to FILE then PRINT
  3. From the PRINT window, I'd click what data I wanted to print under ATTRIBUTES (Phone, Email, Address, Instant Message, Photo, etc. etc.)
  4. I would look to see if everything was okay in the sample window and then I'd press print (or create PDF)


Since upgrading to Mountain Lion, however, even though PHOTO is check-marked under ATTRIBUTES, no photo appears or prints.


I'm also frustrated that when I do print a CONTACTS list, the list is not in alphabetical order.


What is going on?  Anyone else having this program?


Thank you.



PowerMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)