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I am trying to setup a Mountain Lion Server to use Netboot Service.  I can generate and make available a Mountain Lion client netboot image, but what am I missing to have the Mountain Lion Server also provide Snow Leopard and Lion netboot images?  Is a Mountain Lion Server not capable of distributing Lion and Snow Leopard netboot images?


I have generated a .dmg file from a Snow Leopard computer and tried to get this imported to the Mountain Lion Server Netboot Service.  No joy.


I have also used the same process I used to generate the Mountain Lion Netboot Image to generate a Lion Netboot Image.  Again, no joy.


My ultimate goal is to generate a Mountain Lion Netboot Image using a Mac Mini completely configured with apps +, so the image can be booted via the network to a number of computers.  Read - Class Room type setup.


Any suggestions?

Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacMini Server(10.8.2)
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    Try connecting the SL and lion machines directly to the server in target disk mode and use the system image utility on them

    Or to another ML machine and use the ML system image utility to create the image

    You'd have to copy the image to the server if your doing it on another ML machine

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    I finally got it to work.  You must use System Imaging Tool on the same OS for it to work.  Thanks for the suggestion iToaster.