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I am new to iphone (moved from android) and I am looking for the setting to have the audible alert for my text messages to go to my iphone 5 when connected to my bluetooth headset. Currently, the audible alert only goes to the bluetooth headset which is troublesome because I do not always have the headset in my ear which is resulting in missed messages. I have read in some similar posts that this was an issue in past versions of iOS and I am hoping that this has been resolved in iOS 6!?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Anyone found a solutuion for this, which a non-techie person could implement?


    Seems to be a 'feature' of iPhone, that they only let calls sound out on the iPhone when a Bluetooth device is connected, but not other alerts.


    I assume this is becuase they figure Bluetooth is mostly used in cars, hence you shouldn't be looking at texts etc (which is right), but Bluetooth is not just for cars (obviously!) and also, you may often be stationary in your car, with Bluetooth on.


    I find it rather rediculous and I have no such issues with my Galaxy Note.

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    I have my text alert set to the classic "Alarm", which if I remember correctly, sounds 29 times for a total ring time of about 20 seconds. I have the same issue with bluetooth speakers, even ones set to use specifically with the iphone. I get rings for incoming calls, but text alerts, even with "Alarm" as the tone, only vibrate. Has anyone found a solution? Is this ever going to be addressed? As users switch to iphones for work, text messages for business-critical functions are going to be more important.