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Is there any real difference between QuickTime or iTunes to play films? 


I have DVDs converted to digital and wondering if there is any advantage one way or the other to play films with QT or thru iTunes?  As it now I open I import into the MBA then move the file into iTunes.  iTunes copies the file and I then delete the original (external back-up). 


Seems like double work to me, but I cannot find anything to show if films played with QT is any different than played with iTunes.




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    iTunes uses QuickTime for playback. Default extension to "force" iTunes to be used is .m4v.

    You can right click on the file icon and choose between playback options. iTunes supports "Airplay" (sends the file to an Apple TV) so the .m4v extension seems to make more sense.

    But iTunes can also play .mov and .mp4 files, so, adding those extensions to your iTunes Library folder helps keep things organized.

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    Thanks.  I have more files than I know what to do with and the last thing I need is to bring a file to my MBA only to have it duplicated once again and take more space.