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    The Honda has to fix their Handsfreelink software and have heard that the engineers are working in doing so. The time being taken is too long when he iPhone 5 has been in the market for sometime.

    Check with Honda/Acura as to when an update will be available with the dealership to update the system.

    We should be calling them also plus Apple. Please post the success here.

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    Just got my iphone 5 and while I can place calls, I cannot receive calls via the Acura handsfreelink for my 2013 RDX.  You go to answer and it drops the call or sends it to the iphone .... but it does cut the person on the other end off as they cannot hear you.

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    I have the same problem with Mazda CX 5

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    I am experiencing the same issues as Scrowman. Only I have a 2012 Infiniti G37x. I have taken my car to the dealership and it is on its way back to me right now because they used their iPhone 5s with no issues. I seem to be the only person I know with this issue. Has anyone heard anything about Apple and Infiniti working together?



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    Re: iPhone 5 bluetooth handsfree- Incoming calls issue

    Dec 26, 2012 11:17 AM (in response to sa1sadanc3r)


    I have a 2013 Acura RDX. I have the same issue. Incoming calls are picked up but I can't hear anyone. If I answer the phone as if I was not on bluetooth, I can hear like a regular call but don't have hands free and whatever I was listening to on the audio continues. I was told by Acura that it is an Apple problem- that Apple would have to fix it- I called and left a complaint with Apple but I'm not optimistic on a fix anytime soon.

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    It's likely that they tested your car with an iPhone 4S (since the 5S doesn't exist [yet]) and, if that's the case, it probably worked perfectly just as my 4 worked with my MDX but my 5 does not. There are a number of posts on the boards from people having the same issue as you are that own Nissans and Infinitis; I'd surmise that it's the same issue as those of us with Hondas and Acuras are having but have heard nothing about Apple specifically working with any of the car brands (at least, not publicly). Acura has placed the blame squarely on Apple - I only hope that iOS 6.1 (in final Beta now, it seems) globally fixes the Bluetooth issues we're all facing.

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    After Apple updated the Bluetooth 4 settings by adding NFC to it on iPhone 5problem has erupted in the connection with various cars.All the car manufacturers have to update their Bluetooth connections to the latest standards.

    Honda/Acura should look deep into it and get he fix as soon as possible.

    They can update their software through the dealer or through the air on he cars with NAVI. Hope they do it fast and avoid thevproblems we are facing.

    Apple should be pointing out the changes they have made in iPhone 5.

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    I have exactly the same problem with my Infiniti G37xs and this is definately an Apple issue. How do I know, because I erased my iPhone5 from memory and paired a Blackberry. The Blackberry works perfectly and I have advised Apple of this, but I am not running out to buy a Blackberry ...YET.

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    Experiencing same problems as everyone else.  I have a brand new 2013 Acura RDX Tech and am using an iPhone 5. Incoming calls are picked up but I can't hear the same time, I also get a screen notification that this feature is "not available".   If I answer the phone as if I was not on bluetooth, I can hear like a regular call but don't have hands free and whatever I was listening to on the audio continues.


    I spoke with Handsfreelink today by phone and he said that the iphone 5 was "not compatible" (he says it's on their website).  He made it sound like I should have checked this list BEFORE buying the car...I didn't bother doing that since my previous car (Acura 2005 MDX) worked FINE with the iphone 5!...silly me for NOT checking to see if the MOST ADVANCED phone around would work on a BRAND NEW car!  I guess I just ASSUMED it would!  This is a bit of a "deal breaker" for me (either w/ iphone5 or RDX, since I'm in my care ALL the time!)


    He says basically that it's an Apple problem (since it's a problem with multiple car makes/models).  Insinuates that they (Apple) are aware.


    Some posts have mentioned a way around this by "hitting a button twice" this the "answer phone" button or the "transfer" or something else.  If anyone can, please be more specific....Thanks!

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    FrDr, you would have to pick up the call from your phone, then re-tap (or double click) the hands free button. It doesn't automatically transfer it to Bluetooth but doing that should do, which is still a hassle.

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    I also have a 2013 CR-V and iPhone 5 with the same incoming call difficulty.  It's true that the Handsfreelink site lists the iPhone 5 as incompatible, and that they are working with Apple toward a resolution.  Why does this not give me a good feeling?  I note that not enough people have complained, so I'm registering my complaint now. 

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    Just an FYI, just purchased a 2013 GMC Pickup and the iPhone 5 works flawlessly with the GM Bluetooth. Voice dialing even works thru the GM System.

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    MoreMtns, The iphone 5 it self works fine for all of us, so does voice dialing. It's the incoming calls were having issues with. The phone does not automatically connect the call to the car's bluetooth system, we have to do it manually.

  • MoreMtns Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was just adding more information re: the problem. My old truck had a Pioneer Nav unit with Bluetooth and it had issues as well but the GM Bluetooth System at least in a 2013 GMC Pickup works with no issues including incoming calls. So perhaps Apple is right and they have no problems.

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    I have the answer!   I spent an hour on the phone last night and they gave up and told me to go the Apple Store to get a replacement.   I spent an hour in the store with a great tech that did everything he could.  Factory reset the entire phone, wiped it, restored it, etc...  Still the same problem.


    Then when he went back to get me a replacement phone he asked another tech rep that knew exactly what to do...


    Go to Settings,  general, accessibilty, then down towards the bottom of the page is 'incoming calls'

    Set the incoming calls to Headset, and the problem is solved. 


    If your bluetooth is connected the calls will automatically go to the headset. 


    Hope this helps

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