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My post record on here will show I am one of a group  of despondent 'authors" who have had real problems trying to meet Apples iBookstore requirements.

So why did I have  so much  trouble and  aggravation in getting a photo book  accepted into the store.


I say "did" because I have  just had an email to advise a book I submitted 5 days ago is now  in the store!


My experience is with photo books.  I am no Stephen King  and have no abitions to write a text only book.


I have  had eight books getting tickets for a variety of faults such as images  the wrong size, using the word iBooks (copyright!) and mentioning  prices.

Actually it was a free book and I had asked anybody using  any of my images to make a donation to a ceratin charity.

The  others were,  no content in portrait mode and and "Lack of functionality", which I found very confusing and still do.

Apple are (seemingly) unable to comprehend simple Photo / picture books.
Functionality is enhanced by inserting a galley or slide show or apparently any widget. Why that would "enhance" a photo book beats me.


I have followed many  threads here about picture sizes and resolution and  being a photogarphy enthusiast, considered I knew how to size and manipulate images. So having complied I still got emails telling  me that  my book  as a ticket  which advises image sizes are not acceptable.


I started a new book,  first I gathered all the  images into a folder, split the landscape and portrait pix into a separate folder each, then using  Adobe PS I batched processed for 1024 x 768  and 768 x 1024  resolution was set at 72ppi. I will worry about  Retina if I get a complaint from Apple !

I used the linked text standard Chapeter and section pages but the others were all Blank pages and any text was inserted using the text box option.

Despite my disagreement about widgets, I inserted a photo gallery of just five pics as a token offering.

having tidied up teh  contents where needed, I  rechecked everything again. I found and used the Proofreader to point out  any errors.. a wagon load of double spaces between words and spell checks later and that appereared complete.


I then created "screen shots" these again have to meet the  picture sizes required by Apple.  Finally the a screenshot of the  book front cover.

In case you missed it - as of August this year the photo image of your  book cover page needs to be 1400 pixels across the shortest side, which seems to  be the normal width.  having  got the  copy into Adobe Fireworks I simply resized the width to 1400px and let the height sort itself out.

This is for the iBook store icons and  requested by iTunes Producer during the delivery process -  NOT the title page in your book.  


Taking info from another post here, I made a copy of the book files from iBA and changed the suffix to .zip and opened the file. I opened the  images folder, if you do any web site building,  you will see that in fact iBA is akin to a website and used HTML and CSS in the build process.

Checking the images, all the sizes were well below the 2 megapixel stipulated. I did find that using the Inspector in iBA, I can check and alter images sizes.


Today, I found that having got hacked off with iBA and deleted all the ticketed books and iTunes Producer files - having found a copy I stached away on an external HDD, by using the metadata option in iTunes Producer and  typing in the Apple ID number for the  book.. it brings up all the entries and simply needs the new book files adding. If you moved folders  or whatever, reload screenshots and Cover page  images and submit.

On Delivery any  found  errors are notified and need correcting  and  replace the book file with the newly amended one.


There must be a lot I have yet to find in iBA but the above relates to my recent experience.  maybe the  second book corected and delivered today will be as lucky.. or as correctly formatted as the  one now in the store.


I do think Apple could have saved a fortune on staff salary and support for iBA simply by making a full manual  and not assuming  users will be smart enough to find every little hidden gem. 

BUT.. as my  wife just said as she brought in my morning cuppa.... " not much point Apple doing a manual.. men don't read them".

iMac, iOS 5.1
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    "...not much point Apple doing a manual.. men don't read them".

    Of course not....tell her - they write them.

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    Well done. I have read a number of your responses to various issues. You are at least attempting to put together a comprehensible set of memos that will plug the "Missing Manual" that is NOT supplied with iBA. I am conviced Apple have hired some Microsoft rejects to put this iBA package together.


    I am almost mirroring your experience in attempting to make available a photobook on istore.



    I have exported my images from Lightroom 4 into jpegs and resized to 2048x1536 at 240px per inch. (This results in a file with dimensions 2048x1365 which i don't understand?)

    In iBA I insert a new Blank default page which has a dotted line all around the inside of the blank page. I presume this is some form of mask?

    I drag and drop the jpeg image onto the masked area and it opens. The metric box shows as follows

    Size 536ptx357pt

    Constrain proportions is ticked.


    I want this photo to open in ipad2 retina as full screen.


    This is where i get confused.....

    If I move the image up to the left top edge of the mask and drag it out so that it fills the other edge  of the mask i am seeing the following metric

    945ptx630pt but there is a gap at the bottom edge with the bottom mask?

    Alternatively I click "Original size" (with constrain proportions still clicked) and the photo enlarges way beyond the mask outline. I am now seeing the following metric

    2048ptx1365pt which seems to agree with your suggestions but the image in the small page overview on the LHS is severely cropped.


    Which method should I be using or am I completely wrong and need to use another approach?


    Again, thank you for your efforts to assist and resolve image problems here.

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    OK, well.. as usual I am no iBA guru, I can only relate to how I do things in iBA that work for me,this is what I do and how I do it.


    Either create a template design of your own, ( which later you will learn is easy to strip out a supplied temp and change around) or use one of the Apple designs. Jumsoft do a pack of 20 templates at about $1 each I think.. well worth the money and a really fast and efficient support system. I customise these very easily.( Book Pallet in the  app store)


    Assuming you want different sized "photo's" on a single page, you can format as you want, but, if you have a blank page - delete the  linked text or it can cause problems later. Drop a background image and arrange to the back. select a shape ( rectangle) - if you want a frame add one. pull it to the size you want.

    Before all this you  need to have prepared your pictures. I use Adobe Fireworks. The image size I  use is 2048 x 1496  ( you can remove the tool bar and use  2048 x 1536) in FW I set the resoultion first and set these sizes after. if you reverse that, and do resolotion first it will multiply the image size. To date I have used 150 ppi resolution.  

    Apples iPad Retina screen on the  store iPad page  states the display is 2048 x 1536 at 264 ppi

    Forget the other iPad displays because  your book can be downloaded by users of each verion iPad.

    Select your image and DRAG it over the framed shape you made... a blue line will show all around the inside, drop your image, it auto created a mask so you can  juggle the picture around inside the  mask and after that adjust the display your prefer and size the pictures as you want on the  page. If you  dropped image does not react as above.. delete it and  repeat making sure it drops into  the  shape and not over it. If it appear inside the  frame its OK. The image size on screen will show in the Inspector, but if you preformat ALL your images as you want in landscape or portrait 1536 x 2048... the image dimention are accepted by the review team. The 2 million pixels limit is misleading and basically seeems to date back to ePubs being  made in Pages.


    Thats it..  repeat as you want things to appear on your page.

    The logic I apply to the page is simple - I simply place image where I want at the size I want - because thats what the  reader/viewer will see on his/her iPad. If you size your masked image at 200 x 250  on the page, remember the images INSIDE the  mask is still 2048 x 1496 - or whatever size you used. When expanded by the user oniPad, that image is clear, sharo and un-pixelated.



    I want this photo to open in ipad2 retina as full screen.

    Why ?  Another thing I consider is.. ( as some on here will attest)  what suits me/ how I see things or my thinking process.. is not always OK with others.  I create teh page layout to suit the images and my opinion.

    There is an option I think that  you can use.. but I never have and  forget where I saw it! Maybe a real guru can deal with that for you.

    I have exported my images from Lightroom 4 into jpegs and resized to 2048x1536 at 240px per inch. (This results in a file with dimensions 2048x1365 which i don't understand?)


    These quirks happen when adjusting the resolution and can depend ( ??? WHY)  on application used to  re-size your image and how you resize.. which is why I said ...set the resolution fiorst .. then type in the image sizes - check they stay as your set them before saving.


    If I move the image up to the left top edge of the mask and drag it out so that it fills the other edge  of the mask i am seeing the following metric

    945ptx630pt but there is a gap at the bottom edge with the bottom mask?


    Look at what I said about moving your image INSIDE the  mask, you dropped it in off centre of the mask. Click the  edit mask buttion and make sure the IMAGE - not the  frame now has drag handles.. pull the image to fit the  frame - when done.. size the frame to suit your display.


    Hope that helps...pity there is no way to send private msg or  emails  then ist easier to  explain more. I suggest you  save your book and start a playbook! set up different pages and  images etc,. I  did this with t the  templates and its easy to use a basic template and  clerar out all the  images backgrounds etc and use your own. Remember.. Apple created this lot for  the  written word  - photo books  is a bit of a grudging consession IMHO  as seen in the new templates.. the "PhotoBook" is a joke! 

    Even  Jumsoft only have 3 or 4 templates with a photo  book in mind.


    And finally...delete the linked text box on photo pages.. I forgot once and got a ticket cos the Ipsum Lorun  junk was under the images!