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My iphone 5 wont remember my wi-fi networks.If I turn off Wi-Fi, enter Airplane mode, or leave the area of the Wi-Fi. I must re-login to my Wi-Fi network. "Ask to join networks" is set to ON. Any help here?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Same issue here, iPhone 5, os 6. Need to keep signing in, very annoying. I haven't seen any fixes for this yet anywhere.

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    I think I may have found a solution. Click on the little blue arrow beside the name of your network. At the top I've seen one of two things with my iPod touch. "Auto join this network" On/Off or "Forget this Network". When my iPhone 5 wasn't automatically connecting to my home network, I saw neither. So I went back to "choose a network" and selected "other". I then manually put in all the specs for my network, Name, Security type, and password. It then of course connected me to my network. When I clicked on the blue arrow, at the top appeared "forget this network" (which wasn't previously there). Now when I enter Airplane mode, or turn off the Wi-Fi, it automatically connects when I turn it back on. Try using this manual method and let me know if it works for you!

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    Mark, thanks for your help, your solution worked great. WiFi going strong since sometime Saturday.