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Hi - my wife's iPad 2 has stopped rotating. I've tried the advice on other posts (from King Penguin, that worked for others) about the lock button, (it's not locked, but I can get the padlock icon to appear, so switching on/off is still theoretically possible). I've checked the home screen icon, and have performed a reset, and it's still stuck in portrait mode. Any more suggestions please?




iPad 2, iOS 6
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    Double click the home button quickly, then swipe the bottom row to the left.  Look at the leftmost icon on the bottom row.  It should look like a rotating arrow.  If it has a padlock image in it, then click that icon to remove the padlock and that will solve your problem.

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    Make sure you have your side switch switched to Lock Rotation. Move it p, and your rotation wil unlock. If not, double click the home button, and swipe tothe left. You should see a circular arrow with a lock on it. Tap it and your rotation lock will unlock.

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    Hi - thanks both, but I've done those already before posting.


    Another post I saw suggested it could be a rogue app that's locked it. Given the kids play on my wife's iPad, then it is possible they've downloaded something, but if that's the case, I'm not sure where to start. I could also spend a lot of time wiping the iPad, and reloading app by app and still find it isn't resolved ... Which is why I'm asking the iPad loving community for help before taking that route!


    (It's been great so far ... But I am stumped by this one.)


    Btw - has anyone heard of this being down to a hardware failure? Presumably it's a possible cause? But all the posts I've seen so far suggest otherwise.




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    Hi - Just wondering if you managed to get this resolved as I have also tried all of the option that you have...


    Many thanks,



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    Hi Alan - yes I solved it, having read somewhere that you should hold the iPad in one hand and the hit it firmly once or more on the palm of your hand.


    It's happened twice now, and both times that's fixed it.


    Hope it helps.



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    I also have the same problem a few months ago. i just let it. After 2-3 month won't rotate, suddenly, its rotate again. Ipad 2 is awesome.

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    when i had that problem i just held down home button and power off button to do a 'soft reset'....worked every time! didn't have to beat it up!