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I been having this problem with the mail notifications not syncing between the Mail.app on my MacBook Pro and iPhone. Let me explain:

When I get a new email, I hear the sound and see the red notification icon appear on both the MacBook and the iphone. When it comes to checking the new email, here are the two possible scenarios:


a) If I check the new email on my phone, the red notification icon disappears from BOTH the iphone and the MacBook.

b) If I check the new email on my MacBook, the red notification disappears from the MacBook but DOESN'T disappears from the iPhone (that is until I open the app). This happens with both cases, when the app is "running" in the background or when it is complety closed.


I don't know if I am crazy but I am pretty sure that both of the notifications used to disappear before, no matter where I checked the mail.


I tried deleting and creating the email again on my phone, and it didn't work.


Here some info that could help find a solution:

- I'm using icloud email (@me.com)



-Mountain Lion



- iOS 6 (this problem started before the upgrade)

- Push is on.

- Fetch (that suppodselly would be used only if push is off) is set to Manually.

- On the "Advanced" sub-menu inside the Mail settings, Push is also selected.


Hopefully this can actually be fix and I can prove myself that I was not crazy!!


Thanks in advance for the help!!

iPhone 4, iOS 6