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I use one computer for my songs in iTunes. I have an iPod Nano (3rd gen) and it's already synced to the computer I use (which is the one I'm using right now to ask this question).

I got the iPhone 5 pretty recently (Sept 26th), and I want to put the songs that I have in my iPod Nano onto my iPhone 5 for those moments when I don't wanna bring both with me. How would I do this through iTunes?

BOTH of these devices use my same apple account, so how would that affect the iTunes thing if I just plugged in my iPhone? I'm just worried that if I just plug my iPhone in that it'll erase the songs that were synced to my nano.

I'm really confused because I don't want any of my songs to get deleted Long story short: I want the same songs I have on my nano to go in my iPhone as well (without accidentally deleting anything or messing anything up permanently).

I'm not super techy, so pleeease be as specific as possible! Oh and I use Windows (I think it's Vista..?). Thanks!

iPhone 5
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    Just plug it in to your computer. It will recognize it as a different device and you will be able to set what does and does not sync to it. I have an iphone5, iphone4 that I am now using as an iPod, and an iPad2 all syncing to the same computer with the same apple id. iTunes will give them different names, to help you keep them straight.