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Having a problem with the speakerphone on my iPhone 5. When I phone someone and have a conversation if putting it on speakerphone the person on the other end of the phone will hear an echo when they speak, only happens when on speakerphone. Anyone else experiencing this problem or know of a possible fix?


I'm on the Orange UK network and don't have the plastic covers on the phone. I've tried it both with and without the case on.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I'm having the same problem - echo or feedback (high-pitched sound) for the person I'm calling when on speakerphone. They also complain my voice is muffly and can be hard to understand. On my end, the person's voice on the speaker is harsh and tinny. Just upgraded from an iPhone 4 that had NO problems with speaker and people couldn't even tell when I was on speaker.


    I've found turning down the volume will eliminate the problems, but then the sound is pretty low. I've also tried setting Bass Boost in the Music EQ settings, but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Also in the music settings, I lowered the maximum volume setting to about 2/3 of max. Waiting to see if this helps, too (no one has called lately).


    I thought at first it might have been the case. I took the case off and the problem wasn't as bad as it had been, but was still there. Only turning down the volume has helped. Nothing is blocking the noise reduction port on the back by the camera.


    Any ideas why this is happening?

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    Im going thru my second iphone 5 as i write. First one had keyboard static, wouldn't go away, this one is giving me blietooth issues and when put on speakerphone people can't hear me, this happens when laid flat, picked up, or if pinched between head and shoulders, actually when pinched is even worst... One would think apple had figured/fixed stuff like this after all antennagate issues found on iphone 4...shame...


    To date, this is the worst apple product i've bought...i'm giving it a while and see if its a software issue before replacing it, AGAIN!

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    Hi Everyone- I'm going through the same issue. When I call someone and have a conversation if putting it on speakerphone the person on the other end of the phone will hear an echo when they speak, only happens when on speakerphone. Is Apple going to address this issue? The speakerphone is a huge necessity for me.

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    I also have a similar problem -- when I use the iphone 5 speakerphone, people on the other end complain that the background noise is so loud they can't even talk to me. One person says it sounds like I have a garbage disposal on. I'm going to try to get to the Apple store this weekend and see what options I have.

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    In a way I'm glad to see I'm not alone here, although wish there wasn't a problem at all. Logged a support call with Apple and was advised to do a reset of all settings, tried this with no success. Next step is to do a full restore which I'll be trying this weekend. If this fails it looks like I will be booking in to an Apple store.


    Will be interesting to see how everyone else gets on and also for people with a 5 who's speakerphone works all ok as knowing that they are working out there surely eliminates a software problem. I'm sure it must work for most otherwise there would be some sort of speakerphonegate by now  

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    Hello Again! I was told the same a about resetting the all of the settings and that didn't work. I am doing a backup and the restoring to see if that helps. I've booked an appt with the Genius Bar tomorrow, so we'll see what they say. The echo issue is still present after the reset. Hopefully I'll have an update later after the restore.

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    Arelunde is correct!


    Lowering the volume will eliminate the issue.

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    Hello I am having the same problem with my iPhone 5 the speakerphone is not working rite. I will be on a call with someone and all of a sudden during our converation the speakerphone will go silent and I talk the person on the other end can not hear anything. But once I take it off speakerphone it will work fine talking from the earpiece. Then I will put them back on speakerphone and it will work then all of a sudden stop.
    I am frustrated with this phone and not sure if it's the phone or the iO6 software.

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    Hi ngallo33, did you get a resolution in this from the Genius Bar?

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    Just an update on my situtation I took my iPhone into the Apple store and they did all these diagnoses on it and it failed to connect with their computers. The Genius bar rep mentioned something about him not being able to communicate with the antennas inside the phone which mean to him something was internally wrong. So long story short he just gave me a new phone. So if you are having similar issues I would take it to the Apple store because it is obviously something we can't fix a lone.

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    Hi everyone- I went to the apple store with 2 Issues. One was for the echo issue and the other was for my camera. On the camera issue the pictures were very dark. It looked like the images overall were running dark especially in the blacks. At the apple store the rep took my phone and mentioned he tested the phone by calling a landline. He mentioned he could not replicate the issue. Of course I personally don't make too many landline calls So I'm not sure really if the issue would be replicated on a landline. Most of my calls are made to mobile phones and that's when I have the issue. So I was a bit surprised that he didnt test the phone on a cell phone. After explaining my frustrations, the rep did ask me what I wanted to do and I decided to get a replacement phone because of the camera issue being so prominently dark I figured I take my chances. So now I just wait and test but I still do have the same echo issue calling mobile phones. I am a bit dissapointed but the camera on the new phone is much better. Not sure what to do at this point about the speakerphone. I will keep test calling others to see if I receive more complaints. Turning down the volume on the speakerphone did not fix the issue. I mainly communicate with a Verizon mobile phone and I never received the complaint while using my previous phone. I will just wait to see what you guys mention on Your post. If it doesnt work I think I will call the support line once again to file a complaint and see of there is any resolution.

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    So I just got my iPhone 5 today. And the speakerphone is not working. I noticed this while I was in FaceTime

    That no one can here me. So I tried the speakerphone no go it didn't work.

    Ok but when I was in FaceTime and I had the rear camera on they can hear me. Took the phone back to Verizon's store no good they tried reboot soft and hard. So they said sorry return it to apple. 

    Bummer not one full day.

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    Sooooo, the lowering the volume thing worked for a little bit, but then it stopped doing anything to fix the issue.


    I took it into the Apple Store and they ran diagnositics. Their tech said the speakerphone uses two mics, one to cancel out background noises. Apparently, that mic was cancelling all of the noise, including my voice.


    They were going to replace it, but somehow were out of stock. Frustrating moreso because I had already bought and applied a screen protector.


    I took it back to the Sprint store on the last day I could replace it and exchanged it.


    tl;dr: If you are having this speakerphone issue (people can't hear you), go replace your iPhone. It cannot be fixed.

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    Hey Joey, Verizon should replace it.


    The Apple store will replace it, but they have all kinds of rules that go into effect when you exchange it, including not being able to extend Apple Care.


    So, I would suggest going back to Verizon for an exchange with your receipt. Most stores have a two-week return policy.

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