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Before i can go out and get one, iv been told i need to find out a few things lol
I hope to replacing a PC Tower with a iMac.
The wife has always used a Windows based PC, so she is very used to using Microsoft Office and thats all she has used at home and at her work.
She does Lots of work at home, that she uses "Word" ALL the time and also "Outlook"
I have been told that i can get a program to put on the iMac that will let me run Microsoft Programs, Has anyone had any problems with this program?
The program is call "Parallels" (think ver 8 just came out)

We both have an iPhone and iPad each, and we both have different Apple accounts and iCloud Accounts. Would i be able to run BOTH iCloud account on 1 iMac? even if this means setting up 2 user accounts on the iMac

Can i set up my iTunes to run on both my Laptop and the iMac at same time, Ie, can plug my iphone or iPad into them do things on there with out wiping it.



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    You can run MS Windows on any Mac since 2006, you can use Parallels (yes it works great) or VMWare Fusion, both will allow you to run MS Windows simultaenously with OS X. However if MS Office is all she needs then simply get MS Office for Mac 2011 and it has Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. It is 100% compatible with the MS Windows versions.


    On a Mac (like a PC) you each can have your own account if you want to meaning, she can log into her account and have the desktop and all the applications she wants. You can do the same, when each is done using the computer simply log out so the other can easilylog in. With a Mac this is INCREDIBLY simple things to do. Yes you can each have your own iCloud account on the same machine, Mac's are highly customizable to work the way YOU like to work.


    Yes you can setup iTunes to run on the iMac and laptop at the same time. As long as they use the same iTunes account you can have as many computers running iTunes on at the same time and share the library.


    I would STRONGLY recommend that you both visit an Apple Store or reseller in your area. I would also recommend bookmarking and visiting the following web sites to make the transition simple:


    Mac 101


    Switch 101


    Find Out How Video tutorials


    Finally look at the Apple website and look over the "Why you'll love a Mac" info, it's true. You can find it at:



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    Very much in agreement with rkaufmann87, I usually am.   But I only wish I could have put it over so forcibly and well.   I think I'm off out to buy another one, 

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    I have been building commercial systems on a PC base for many years, but have selected the Mac for my home use.  I can say that you will be very pleased with an iMac and the transition for your wife will be relatively painless after just a few weeks of using the iMac.  Using the iMac under the Microsoft OS is perhaps best with regard to your wife's work need for Office.  While you can by Office for Mac and it works great with the Mac OS X Mountain Lion, there remains a possibility that some work output may not be 100% compatible with users receiving and opening such output files on their PCs.  I have not tried this in a while, but a few years ago the PowerPoint files often had some graphics (like commercial icons / Logos) that didn't display when viewing the PowerPoint Slide on the PC.  This may be corrected in current Office for Mac releases, I just don't know.  In the past I did not have such compatibility issues with Word Docs, or with XL Spreadsheets.


    If you want to try just running the iMac under the Mac OS and purchase Office For Mac, it might be worth it to just find out if compatibility has achieved 100%.  Then you would not have to run Parallel or other such environments.


    Bottom Line...  You both will love the iMac!

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    Thank you for your replys, i found the links to be very helpful.

    Need to now talk this over with the wife, So fingers crossed, i may be able to head off to the shop and pick one up.
    I just hope i can connect up my printer to it

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    Your welcome. Your printer is most likely just fine, what make and model is it.

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    just a very quick update.
    I have gone now and got the 27" iMac, It's all set up in replacement for the Old main PC.
    Got to get used to all the new options and settings, and how the iMac works, but so far im liking it.
    I have even got the program call "Parallels" So i could run Windows and Windows based programs, BUT i dont think i needed it(could have saved £80) cause iv got the wife "Office for Mac" there is a bit of a difference in the Mac Vs windows office.
    Printer All sorted, i spent about 10 minutes trying to sort that out, And then found out that i forgot to turn the printer on lol it soon found it lol

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    There is a transition and learnign period with any new product. Bookmark the links baltwo provided and use them, you will be fine. No need Parallels if all you intend to run is MS Office, return the app if it hasn't been opened. You can purchase MS Office for Mac and you will be fine.