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I've been getting emails to my gmail accont from Apple news_europe@inside.apple.com since two days ago.  The first name mentioned in the email is not mine and the email is similar to mine but has googlemail.com instead of gmail.com.  It says the email address was used to sign into icloud on an iphone 5.  Today I got an email saying Welcome to your new iPhone 5.  I don't have an iPhone 5.  I have a 4S and recently updated my macbook to the new operating system.  I changed my password the day I got the first email and the email notification had my correct email address.  However, I continue to get notifications in my gmail to the googlemail.com address with the wrong name saying I logged in when I didn't.  My purchase history doesn't show I've purchased anything in itunes, but I'm nervous someone is trying to get my information.I also received an email in the middle of the night saying someone logged into facetime.  How do I get this to stop and make sure no one has my information?

iPhone 4S, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)