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What is the best Bluetooth headset for iPhone 5 for talking no music?

iPhone 5
  • Bwlkr Level 1 Level 1

    Revision. After 300 views someone could give an opinion of a good headset. Good volume, noise cancelation, and good range from the phone. Sorry for asking for the "best".

  • jazzybeat Level 1 Level 1

    check it has a list of top headsets, if you click on the ratings it will take you to amazon where you can read reviews. I hope this helps


    Audio Bluetooth Headsets |

  • TiaElaine Level 1 Level 1

    I've been using the plantronics explorer, I have small ears and it adjusts just fine. It works for all iPhones and the wall charger, charger, and pouch is included.

  • ky_bug Level 1 Level 1


    I also have the Plantronics Explorer and an Iphone 5 but i cant get the headset to pair up lost the book on it and so now im lost.. any help

  • ky_bug Level 1 Level 1

    Forgot to say The Plantronics Explorer is the 360

  • spicey67 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm starting to wonder there is no such thing which is very very disappointing.  I waited and waited to upgrade from my iphone 4 to the 5 because I wanted the latest and greatest in technology.  As far as I'm concerned the iphone 5 has been a bit of step back!  With the necessity of multitasking and driving hands free, APPLE sure is not helping us out's pretty unbelievable to me, really.  My headset that worked with my  iphone 4 no longer worked when I 'upgraded' to the iphone5 in 9/2012.  Bought a brand new bluetooth headset within 1 month after, expecting that it would pair!  NOT SO! It was an expensive bluetooth headset but didn't work with the new iphone5.  Took it into the apple store, they tried and sure enough no luck.  Returned it right there and then.  There was a Bose bluetooth headset that worked but was above $150 (closer to $200).  I'm sorry but that's a bit much and ridiculous that a lower cost headset wouldn't work.  My search continues.  Still haven't seen one convincing review out on the net from an actual iphone 5 user.  HELP!!!!  I need to use my hands while on the phone conducting business!

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    spicey67, I have several Bluetooth Headsets that all work great with my iPhone 5.  I have an old BlueAnt T1, a SoundID 510 (having a hardware issue with it now, but works great still) and a Plantronics BackBeat 903+ for yard work iPod listening.  It seems that SoundID is no longer making headsets, but the others are in business and seem strong.  None of them, by the way, were over $150.


    Good luck!

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    I had done a lot of research on which headset to purchase for my iPhone 5. It came down to the Jawbone Era and the Bose Series 2.  I ended up choosing the Bose bluetooth series 2, right ear headset because people reported that while it has less functionality, the clarity was best for both the end user and the receiver.  While I find the headset to be very clear, I learned from others on the receiving end that every now and then they hear a noise, described as a small bit of static or buzz sound.  They said it's Not that disturbing, but they can definetely tell that I'm using a headset or on a speaker.  So, I recorded myself for 2-minutes and after listening to the playback, I did hear a quick buzz or static sound that people described after almost 2-minutes. 


    Also, I have been using a Plantronics headset for years [which was reported to have a lot of static on the iPhone 5], the kind that fits both in the ear and wraps around the ear. I was very reluctant to choose the Bose bluetooth headset because it doesn't have a wrap around hook that goes over the ear; it only sits inside the ear.  The good news is that others in forums were correct, it's very comfortable [if you're used to having a headset fit inside your ear] and it doesn't feel like it's going to fall out at all.

  • chazu4ea Level 1 Level 1

    Considering Bose Series 2 replacement for Jawbone ERA

    I am considering the Bose Series 2 as a replacement for my Jawbone ERA. I have been a long time user of Jawbone products but I suspect that as they cram functionality into the newer generation of headsets, the sound quality is suffering. I am finding this evident in caller feedback ("You sound like Charlie Brown's mom.") and the fact that, when I use the ERA, Siri becomes the village idiot with noise-induced hearing loss.


    I've read the reviews on the Bose Series 2 and the only criticism I find is price (well it is Bose...) and lack of features that are typical of Jawbone products (battery indicator on the iPhone, applications, voice alerts, voice options, etc.). While unassailably cool, none of those features help callers and Siri understand what I am saying. It seems to me that Bose has narrowed their focus to good transmission of sound and is leaving the rocket science features that fall outside this focus to the phone.


    I would be very appreciative if anyone who has tried the Bose Series 2 with the iPhone 5 could share your experience on the performance of the pair of them in action including conversation quality and accuracy when speaking commands to Siri. Is it worth the money? Thanks to revedelamer for your previous post. Anyone else?


    I am also curious about the charging port on the Bose. It appears to be a standard USB port (Micro-B). Can anyone confirm this?



  • Paul Conaway Level 3 Level 3

    I've just purchased a Plantronics Voyager Legend. So far it's working great. It paired up instantly and the calls I have recieved on my iphone 5 sound great. It will also stream itunes to the headset. The documentation that came with it stated to go out to plantronics website and make sure that I have the latest firmware. Unfortunately, Plantronics does that through an interactive web page that needs windows. Apparently the updater software is windows only. I do have parallels and I'm running Windows Vista but it doesn't see the headset to update. As for features, I have been able to decline calls by speaking into the headset and it does display the battery level of the headset on the iphone 5 screen. I also ran into a bit of a problem that I couldn't get it to voice dail but that is probably my issue since I didn't want to take the time to figure out what I was doing wrong. And I haven't used that sort of feature before on other headsets that I have had in the past. With the exception of the firmware update issue. I'm satisfied with the performance I have recieved with this headset. I hope this helps.




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    I have a Motorola Elite Sliver and I love the use with my iPhone 5 but it needs a patch to be compatible with bluetooth 4.0 so I'm told. Music is great but I get a lot of echo when talking to someone, not in my ear, it's what they hear. I spoke to Motorola and Apple Support and I'm left thinking no one cares. I was told the new update would help but its the same. Now I'm thinking of getting a Bose Bluetooth Series 2 because I must have one with A2DP for music and I like something small for one ear. I just want to know what's best for music and clear talk on an iPhone 5?





  • darrick11 Level 1 Level 1

    I Just purchased a Voyager Legend having used the Voyager bluetooths for years as a professional and never had an issue with them...until I bought an iPhone 5. I have received multiple complaints from business associates on the other side of the phone who can't hear me, faint or muddled voice.  It just flat doesn't work well.  After doing some research, I am certainly not the only one.  It did pair easily, all the functions seem to be working.  But the call quality for the other party, even in a quiet room in my office is not there. Unfortunately, I am stuck with the iPhone 5 at this point, I can't downgrade to the 4.  I really don't like the "in the ear" only type but it seems I will have to give the Bose a try and hopes it stays in .  

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    I couldn't agree more! I went with the Bose and I haven't looked back. The sound quality is vastly superior to any other bluetooth I have owned. It is a bit expensive but worth every penny.


    Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2

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    I've tried all the majors:  Bose (1 model twice), Motorola (2 models), Jawbone (5 models) in almost every model.


    Bose is good but such an odd nub just sitting there on your ear - bad athestics.  Device is fine but not right for me.


    Motorola seem to have troublie with iPhone specifically.   They don't stay paired and noise-cancelling has been bad.  I tried 3 pairs of the Elite Silver with no luck.  Great concept to have a case that charges the device but bad device.  Same issue with the Oasis. 


    Jawbones are good and I've had 5 of them.   They seem to degrade in voice cancelling quality over time based on feedback of people I talk to but they are solid.   I'm sure I just beat them up but they do seem to go bad. 


    My best experience have been BLUEANT, both the Q2 (bought 2) and teh Q3 (own 1).   Q2 are solid but they have this issue with a metal screen that inevitable breaks off, not affecting call quality but a pain.   Q3 have fixed that but they are just a bit bulkier.   Good features (voice answer & address book) and solid.  These are just awesome and good instant on that simply isn't true of all of the devices.  Only downside has been no battery meter on the Q2 for the iphone but a solid workhorse. 


    I just got a new Motorola Whisper and so far I'm impressed.   First motorola that has solid noise reduction and doesn't seem to have the random unpairing issue with the iphone.   It's early yet but great design and comes with a case. 


    I hope this helps.

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