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1. Mail on iPad2 is stuck, really stuck, for days. Cannot sync or even 'revert' to resolve problem. Error message on iMac insists mail is in use.

How can I get it out of use?


2. Mail on iMac OSX 10.5.8 is missing from applications file, although it remains in the dock and I can launch and use it normally.

Finder is unable to locate it.

Tried Apple support, but nothing available to restore mail app. Possibly, this is reason mail cannot sync with iPad2?


3. In separate issue, I downloaded update for wife's newer iMac OS X 10.6 machine. Immediately, download created a problem for Mail 4.5 on her machine.

Error message complained that Mail 4.5 was (no longer) compatible with this computer. Seemed impossible.

Tried Apple support, but nothing available to restore mail app.

Blogger indicated file to download and that appeared to install (or activate) Mail 4.6.

Mail service was restored, but it has a number of problems problems. For one, it does not open certain emails, but gives the last message viewed.

Has anyone had this experience? If so, can it be resolved?


We have happily used Apple Mail for years and are surprised to encounter so many diverse difficulties at one time.

As usual, I assume that the fault lies with my ignorance and mismanagement.


I have recently purchased and installed a new (Netgear) modem. Mail has worked on all devices prior to this breakdown.


Thanks for helping the handicapped.



iPad 2, iOS 6