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Is anyone using a Caon Pixma MP 500 printer with OS Montain Lion 10.8.2?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    It's supported in OS X Mountain Lion, so you shouldn't have problems. Any problem with that printer?

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    It worked when I first upgraded to 10.8, but when it auto- updated to 10.8.2, it worked.  It worked 9/30 and did not work on Oct.3.

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    I have MP500 & 10.8.2. The Mac has stopped recognising the printer since the last printer software download.


    According to Canon, this printer is no longer supported in Mountain Lion. Annoying, as the printer is still working perfectly okay.


    http://www.canon-europe.com/images/Mac%20OS%20X%2010.8%20InkJet%20Multifunctiona ls_tcm13-955727.pdf

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    The MP500 is still supported, in as far as the printer driver is still available for download from Apple Software Update.


    If you open Print & Scan, and remove the current MP500 printer, and then click the plus button to add the printer, does the MP500 appear in the Default view? And if it does and you select it, the printer driver should be found and a new MP500 should be created. So, if this new MP500 is created, can you print with this?

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    No it doesn't appear, and hasn't done since the printer software update. There is no driver available from the Canon website as there was before, and because of this I'm guessing there is no driver for the MP500 in the printer software update either. The Mac no longer recognises the printer. Before coming on here I checked the 'help' on Mountain Lion and did the above, as well as checking the Canon & Apple websites, carrying out a search on Google and trying a different USB cable.


    If you know different and can point me to where Apple shows it still has a driver for the MP500 available for download then please do - as I can't find it anywhere.

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    Apple is showing the MP500 in this KB article about supporting printer drivers available via Software Update.


    But you don't need the printer software installed for the Mac to see the printer. The printer should be visible in the Default Add Printer view if the USB cable and the printer are in working order.


    What you can do is open System Information (Applications > Utilities) and select the USB entry in the left sidebar. The top right pane will show all the USB busses in the Mac. And if the cable and printer are okay, then the MP500 should be showing under one of the USB busses.

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    So does anyone out there have the solution to this? Is there some way I can 'downgrade' to the previous drivers update?

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    So did the MP500 in System Information?

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    No. Since the update the printer hasn't been recognised and isn't displayed anywhere. I know there's nothing wrong with the USB ports as I have other devices plugged into them (and I've swapped them around to make sure they all work). I also know there's nothing wrong with the printer as I've plugged it into another Mac (not running Mountain Lion). It prints and scans with no issues.


    There's no other way I can say this - the printer is no longer recognised and no longer works since the update, regardless of what Apple says about supporting it.

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    LeeNixon wrote:


    No. Since the update the printer hasn't been recognised and isn't displayed anywhere.

    Then you have a physical fault. As I mentioned above, the printer driver has no influence over the printer being seen by the Mac. So when the MP500 is connected to the USB port of the Mac, if there is no entry for the MP500 under any of the USB busses on the Mac in System Information, then it is either the USB cable or the printer at fault. With you being able to use the MP500 when connected to another Mac that would suggest the USB cable. Have you tried another USB printer cable?

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    Of course - that was the first thing I tried. I'll add that I used my original cable when trying the printer on the other Mac, so the problem isn't with the cable.


    So to clarify - the printer doesn't show up anywhere on the Mac and I can't print from it. I tried with a different USB cable and no change. I tried other accessories in that USB port (which worked) and the printer in the other USB ports (which didn't work). I even tried the printer USB cable with another accessory and it worked fine. I tried the printer with another Mac (not running Mountain Lion) and it worked. The problem isn't with the printer or the cable, and the problem doesn't seem to be with the USB ports as other accessories work when plugged in. I use(d) my printer almost every day, so I know this has only been a problem since the drivers update.

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    Well you can trash the BJPrinters folder located in HD > Library > Printers > Canon.


    And then trash the Canon folder in HD > Library > Caches


    And finally see if there is a Canon package in HD > Library > Receipts. If so, trash this.


    Then disconnect the MP500 USB cable from the Mac, restart the Mac and after you have logged back in, connect the USB cable again. If the device is detected by the Mac, it will attempt to download the driver from Apple. You can also open System Information to see if it is showing under one of the USB busses.

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    I'll give that a go and see what happens.

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    Bingo - it worked. I have no idea what all that did, or why it wasn't working before, but it's now sorted.


    Thanks for the help - I always knew the printer was fine!