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If i have photos in Iphoto preview that i erase and want them back what i should do , the original Photo don't appear just the Mini preview in iPhoto i let you an example of my Iphoto screen .. the mini photos appears but not original size , this photos are erase but now appear again , and i need them so where are they ? i search in Hard disc but dont appear .. I try almost everything but i can find it ... any HELP to find them ?? ....  I try : open in Finder, hide/show Photo , HD search , etc ....


iPhoto '11, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    How did you "erase" these photos?  Using the finder in the previews folder in the iPhoto library (NEVER make any changes to the structure or content on the iPhoto library using the finder). Using iPhoto?  Exactly how?



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    First i erase in Iphoto but i notice that still appear in Finder so i erased in finder to , now after a while of time apper again and i can see all the pictures but just in the mini display .. the backup to that photos damage so now that i saw again i want it ... but i can find from where iphoto get the image : (