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When I plug my iphone into my Mac.  It automatically backups up when iTunes launches.  Where does it backup to and can I turn this off?

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    Open iTunes and connect iPhone. Scroll to bottom of iTunes to Options and select the ones you want or don't want.


    Regarding the Back Up Location on computer here is quote from Participant wjosten:


    Your iPhone backup is stored here, where ~ is your user account:

    ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

    You may have to turn on show all hidden files & folders to see it.

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    Yes, this did help me find where the backup was stored, but I can't seem to turn backup off. The only option I have is backup to iCloud or backup to this computer.

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    Because backups cannot be turned off.


    What logical reason would you have for wanting to turn off backups?


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    No need to get nasty!  Unlike the rest of the populous, I don't care to have my iphone backup onto whatever computer it is plugged into.  In fact, the iphone that is now backedup on my computer isn't even my phone.  Unlike the rest of you, I don't like APPLE automatically putting my Apple ID on someone else's phone, which it did the minute I plugged the phone in.  I have had a Mac since 1994 and HATE all this automatic downloading that the Apple gurus have decided is necessary.  Perhaps it is only a "complete moron" that would allow Apple to automatically take all your information and store it for you so that you no longer have control of your own information.  Just another way to DUMB DOWN the next generation.  Perhaps you like it, but I don't.

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    It does not automatically put your Apple ID on any device that is plugged into the computer.


    Here's a thought, READ the messages that display on the screen instead of mindlessly clicking "Ok".


    You can always check the option to prevent iTunes from automatically syncing devices when connected in Edit > Preferences > Devices.


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    Such a nasty nasty group of replies.


    I have read the messages that show up on the screen and I have turned off everything in iTunes that I do not want it to automatically do.  My only questions was... Is there a way to stop it from automatically backing up to my computer.  It was a simple question.  A simple NO would have suffice instead of all the bashing. 


    Somehow the iPhone does have my Apple ID on it.  Perhaps it is because I purchased the phone and it is associated with my account, which I didn't think of until now.  I only noticed it on the phone when I plugged it into my computer.  I was expecting it to show up as a hard drive like every other external device I've ever plugged into my Mac.  I am new to the iphone SO I am sorry I do not know everything there is to know about them. 

    I assume that is what a "community forum" was for.  To HELP and not BASH!  I guess I am mistaken.

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    Just to 'Help' and not to 'Bash', my personal experiences are that having backups enabled (both in iCloud and on my Mac) is a VERY secure and safe set of options, even if I have to select each option independently in order to benefit from both!


    Having had a Mac failure and a 'connected device' failure in succession, I've been able to recover both from backups (including a Time Capsule in the mix) without ANY data-loss, solely because of having adequate backups in the 'Apple' world linked to my AppleID.


    I have friends who think that Apple has some 'other' motive for backups: something to do with spying on individuals (or other mistaken reasoning).


    Someone said "Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that they're not out to get you!", but who is SO important that Apple would waste their time using their SERVICES to HARM any individual by spying on them?  If an individual is worried about 'others' having access to Apple, then perhaps that individual needs to think more about their possibly 'questionable' activities which might make that individual a target for the 'others' about whom they are so concerned?


    To me, if a company offers a service and breaks its own rules surrounding that service then SUE THEM FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL!!  Otherwise, use the service, wisely, for your own benefit!