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Since upgrading my iPhone 4S operating system to iOS6 I have lost use of 3G functionality. My carrier and Apple (and I) have spent hours trying to problem solve this. One of the carrier techs insists its because my dataplan is an LTE one and that iPhones will not work with LTE plans. HOWEVER, my 4S phone worked JUST FINE with the very same LTE plan BEFORE the iOS6 upgrade.

I have read in the discussion areas that others are having similar difficulties. Can anyone with technical background advise if it makes sense that my LTE plan would suddenly cause my 3G to be defunct?

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    iPhone 4S does not have LTE chipset. But works very well on 3G which I would imagine most GSM Carriers provide. I would Reset Network settings on the iPhone. Tap Settings App > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

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    Thanks for the reply, Brad. I have already tried what you have suggested, in addition to several full resets and restores and a switchout from Apple to a brand new phone, testing of SIM chip....nothing seems to help....

    I thought the suggestion that the LTE dataplan was at fault didn't sound logical...thanks for that piece of info...any other suggestions?? (I live in a place where there is good sturdy 3G coverage....Apple suggested that perhaps a local cell tower may have collapsed (Yeah, I went and checked that too!!) Grrrr....this ain't my area of expertise (humans are) so I'm hoping that the collective tech brains out there may have some new avenues to pursue...