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zzooioozz Level 1 Level 1

Iphone5 black 32gb Vzw. Mine started making very light ticking sound around the top of iphone 5. After 2 weeks now i can hear even louder sound. sounded like of a piece inside phone is moving around from left corner to right. I'm at apple store now getting replaced. They said many complaints on that but mine sounded significant.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • Weinerd Level 1 Level 1

    Mine is doing that too... Plus my camera is rotationally out of alignment.  Wonder if it's related... Did you get a replacement?  Keep us posted

  • zzooioozz Level 1 Level 1

    Today when I was at the apple store, I tried both white & black iphone 5s and shook it all and they all had ticking sound towards to top of the phone. Mine had little louder and more significant sound; sounded like small piece is lose inside phone and moving within confined space. According to genius in apple store, many complaint about this issue and he claims that the sound is coming from the power button on the top. My new replacement had less noticable sound but the ticking is still there......... new replace also came with 4 scuffs ............ right out of the box!!!!!

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    I'm getting the same sound here. Never dropped or smashed anywhere.


    If you guys have news, please keep us posted.

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    I have same problem. Shak'ng sound comin from my iphone 5c when i shake my iphone 5c. Annoying situation

    Ayni problemi bende yasiyorum yeni bir iphone 5c aldim ve icinde bir sey sallaniyor cokrahatsiz edici