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Installing a configuration profile containing APN information to the new AT&T iPhone 5 results in breaking the capability to use the Visual Voicemail feature of the Phone app on the device. What this means is that we cannot do these things: receive indication for new voicemail and change the Greeting from Default to Custom and vice versa. A popup comes up saying it cannot connect to the server. These operations involve network activity and this connection does not happen when the config profile with APN is installed to the device.

This happens regardless whether the device is on LTE mode or on 3G mode.

The configuration profile we are using has APN information and proxy settings for this APN as well (proxy host and port information). However, the problem happens even if the profile contains just APN without any proxy settings info.

This happens on iPhone 5 ONLY (commercially available through AT&T). This is important to note because iPhone 4S with iOS 6 DOES NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5