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Last week, I uprade my mother's MacBook to Mountain Lion and set up an iCloud account for her. I have had my own for a couple of months.


I bought Mountain Lion using my credit card, but her AppleID (an old yahoo mail one).


I then set up the iCloud account.


The first thing I noticed that was wrong was that in the Mac App Store it welcomed me, not her. I then removed my credit card from the account asuming that the billing "name" had changed the name of the ID. This did the job.


Later, when signing into icloud.com, my mum noticed that, although it was her account and her mail and contacts book, my name apeared in top right corner next to the Sign Out button.


I looked up the issue here in the Apple Support forum and found I could fix it by going to appleid.apple.com.


Then, a couple days later, when we used the Messages app for the first time we found that it was already logged in to my iCloud ID also.


This lead me to discover that in System Preferences, under Users & Groups, that my name was there also in stead of my mother's name.


Having, fixed all those I thought that would be the end of it.


However, on Friday my mum was using the share to email feature in iPhoto '11 and was asked for her password. It wouldn't accept it.


And I found the reason (I think)... in the Mac Mail app, it is my name that appears as the "full name" of my mother's iCoud email. It will not send an email from iPhoto, but it will from the Mac Mail app and when I sent a message from my mum's email to mine it appears as coming from me. This also happens when sending an email from icloud.com.


The thing is that last Wednesday we used the share feature in iPhoto and it worked no problem and the iCloud email had been used several times and this hadn't happened.


Does anybody know what could have caused all this?


How can I fix the iCloud email to send in the correct name?