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First of all, nowhere does it say HOW to verify this is the same apple id I'm using.  So I can't get past the first couple of steps. Terms of service do NOT come up. So what am I to do? Also, I tried to rate the article on my Macbook and it said there was an error. Starting to think it's Apple, not me.  And what's with Apple TV?  First of all, most things aren't closed captioned.  I mean, my God, it is 2012 - surely you can load the CC'd versions of things.  Secondly, there are a lot of people who rely on CC, not just the deaf, though I'm sure they're disgruntled by this, too.  Also, why can't we do these things (like agree to terms of service) on our Apple TV?  Seems silly to have to pull out the laptop when I should be able to do it on another Apple device.

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