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I have a Canon PIXMA MG3150 printer and a Cisco EPC 3825 router, but I cannot get them to connect to my iPad. Anyone know?


iPad, iOS 6, Canon PIXMA MG 3150
  • Rudegar Level 7 Level 7

    to print you need to install a driver


    ios devices don't support drivers


    the ways one can print is


    1. get a printer which follow the generic printing model called airPrint

    2. get a printing app made from app store there are free ones from manufactor and 3th party ones which support many types

    3. use netgear program on your computer it works with non netgear routers too http://www.theverge.com/2012/5/8/3006689/netgear-genie-airprint-printer-update-f eatures

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    I have a solution for gmails and google documents. Use 'Google Cloud Print'

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    If your printers are not listed as 'air print' capable, then you cannot print from your ipad without a 3rd party application.



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    (google cloud print) and this free...You can print from anwhere in the world to you home printer...all you need is just ensure that the printer is connected to a computer that is connected to  internet....

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    Well, I got a flash! I connected the USB cable from the printer to the router and now everything works!!!!! How simple, but why didn't I or anybody else think of this???


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    Can you explain step-by-step...? I understood what you have done.. But I need to know how you gave the print command?

  • Sussibel Level 1 Level 1

    After connecting the USB cable to the router I followed the instruction "How to set up Apple AirPrint" , that came with the printer. I.e. pressing different buttons on the printer and one on the router. I had earlier downloaded an App for the printer called Canon iEPP. Then I opened it on the iPad and it immediately found the printer.

    So the only problem really was that no where in all instructions I read in the manual and on the web told me to connect the USB cable.....



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    Just so your aware, the USB cable isn't necessary to print from the iPad to the PIXMA MG3150.  The PIXMA MG3150 is AirPrint capable.


    To check, have you been able to print via AirPrint with iOS 5?


    It may be that the printer requires a firmware update to do so.  This is available from the Canon site Support section.  You would need to connect a computer to the printer via USB, run the firmware update software and it will print.


    If you need any help, let me know.