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About three days ago--perhaps following the latest update to 10.8.2--the events in my wife's calendar (to which I'm subscribed) stopped appearing in iCal.  They are still appearing fine in and also on my iPad and iPhone.  However, in iCal on my iMac running Mountain Lion, the calendar shows in the left hand column but none of the events show up no matter how often I refresh the calendar.  I tried deleting the calendar from the iMac and re-subscribing, but this has not helped.  In fact, the Join This Calendar button on my wife's "subscribe to" email dumps me right into on Safari.  I tried right clicking the Join This Calendar button in her email and copied the link into a new subcription in iCal, but an error message popped up saying the link she sent me was not valid.


A further problem is that events I've created in my own calendars on the iMac are not being uploaded to iCloud and the other devices, although I'm getting events created on the iOS devices coming down from iCloud into the calendar on iMac.  Very strange problems. 


I'm stumped about what to do and am always very cautious about making changes here since I've caused myself big problems in the past by deleting calendars to correct problems only to have them totally disappear, requiringh fairly major surgery and Time Machine to get things put back together again.  The changover from MobileMe to iCloud was particuarly messy in this regard.


Any ideas.



iMac (27-inch Late 2009), OS X Mountain Lion
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    I had just done a complete reinstall of Mountain Lion yesterday, and today opened Calendar and noticed that even though Birthdays was automatically checked under subscriptions, none were showing. I did find that unchecking the Birthdays, returning to the calendar, and then re-checking the Birthdays did put them on by Calendar.

    I'm not sure if this would help you or not, but thought I would add.

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    Thanks for the tip, but I tried this and it didn't repopulate my wife's calendar with events.  Also, the iMac continues to receive events but any events created on the iMac do not go out to iCloud and the other devices connected to it.

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    I have the same problem.  I have several iCloud calendars, and one of them does not show up on my MBP, but does show up on my iPhone and iPad.  Were you able to fix this?

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    Not yet. I'm in the middle of getting help from an up level tech at Apple and iCloud server engineers. My iCal is not fully connecting to iCloud. Stand by to stand by.

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    Some additional information.  I continue to be in email contact with a 2nd level AppleCare tech from Ireland who has taken my situation to engineers involved in managing the iCloud server.  I don't have a solution yet and iCal is effectively not working at all.  It refuses to connect to the iCloud server.  Calendar items entered in my iPhone or iPad move quickly to, and items entered in (via Safari) move immediately to the iPad and iPhone although only intermittently to iCal on my iMac. 


    Today I remembered that I had a late 2009 MacBook Pro in a cupboard, loaded with Mountain Lion, that I could also experiment with.  I hadn't had it turned on since mid-August, and it took a bit of time for all of the updates to download and install.  Once it was up and running again, I launched iCal and could see the calendar events from my wife's shared calendar.  However, they had not been updated since August.  Hitting Refresh Calendars resulted in the same error notice that iCal could not connect to  I then added the new account that the Apple tech had me create in iCloud on my iMac.  This behaved exactly as it did on the iMac, i.e., the four calendars in the new ID showed in the left hand calendar column in iMac, but none of the events from my wife's shared calendars were there.  Items I had created in the new account on the iOS devices did show up.  When I Refreshed the Calendars, it timed out, and in addition to the same error message for my original account, the new account "failed to connect to p11.caldav.icloud."  


    I've come to the conclusion that something is seriously amiss at iCloud.  It is working great with iOS devices but is not working with OSX devices.  iCal on both my iMac and MacBook Pro are effectively unusable.  Hopefully somebody at Apple is working on this since the problem only cropped up about a week ago. 


    Are there others out there who are having the same problem?  Has Apple been able to help you find a solution?  Are you getting different help from Apple that might be of help with my problems?


    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm having a related problem. Suddenly only a few apparentely random events from my iCloud calendar showed up on my calendar applications under OS 10.8.2 (on several Macs, so this is not related to any individual machine); the rest disappeared from the calendar app, although they had displayed there correctly before. The events do display correctly on the iCloud webinterface and on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone). Moreover, shared events no longer show up on the iCloud webinterface or the calendar app under OS X, but they still show up on synced iOS devices.


    I had been using iCloud calendar successfully since it came out. This started suddenly on 10/12.


    I called Apple Support. After the usual runaround, I got to a senior adviser, who could not help much either. The senior adviser asked for my password (changed for this purpose) and answers to my security questions to pass along to engineers. He was able to replicate the problem on his Mac, so it is clearly not a problem local to my machines. I had assumed I would hear from the engineers within a day. When I did not, I called on 10/13, spoke again to a senior adviser, who promised an answer by 10/15. I did not get an answer.


    When I checked the status of the claim online, it was listed as closed on 10/13. The problem persists, and no one from Apple contacted me. This seems outrageous to me. I reluctanctly gave them access to the entirety of my private and professional information (passwords and security question answers), in the hope of a speedy resolution as I am using the calendar for work. Not only has the resolution not come; the support has betrayed my trust in them.

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    Ouch.  Upon receiving your reply this morning, I immediately sent an email to the Apple tech in Ireland that has been dealing with me. Like you, I've heard nothing back from him despite having sent him two emails over the last couple of days.  Keeping my calendar synchronized between all of my Apple devices is the most important function that Apple provides. I hope they do something to solve this quickly. I'll keep you informed of any progress.

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    Late Saturday/Early Sunday Update:


    Still no resolution of my problem alhough I had a chance to speak to the Level 2 Tech in Ireland again on Friday.  According to him the issue has been kicked up to the iCloud engineers and "they are busy."  


    However, I've tried a couple of more things which may help in troubleshooting.  I remembered that I had a second  OSX device, an older MacBook Pro, that I updated  and then exactly replicated the problem with that I'm having on the iMac, i.e., events on don't go up to, events created on and iOS devices get to on the OSX devices, and my wife's shared calendars showed up as a title but with no events on the OS X devices.  Also, I created a new AppleID and user and got the same problems. 


    I then reformatted my iMac and took the box back to 10.8.2 before the Supplemental Update.  This looked like it might work, with my wife's shared calendar events appearing, but they were out-of-date and connection to timed out with "Unable to connect to p02.caldav.icloud and p11.caldav.icloud again.


    I then remembered that I had a bootable clone external HD of my iMac using Lion that I made before I switched to Mountain Lion.  I restarted my iMac in Lion with the clone, and all of the above problems still were there.  The last two tests have been communicated via email to the Level 2 Tech but since he doesn't work on weekends, they have not gotten to the iCloud engineers who may or may not be working on this.


    Although my iOS device calendars are functioning perfectly and I can keep open in a Safari tab, it is very frustrating not to be able to use on my main computer.



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    I'm also waiting to hear back from the engineers (and I got the same information, "they are particularly busy").


    While everything about the calendar works on the iOS devices, not quite everything works on the iCloud webpage: events to which I have been invited I cannot accept from the iCloud web interface, and those I accepted on iOS devices do not show up on the iCloud web interface. Of course, in the OS X calendar app, all those events are missing along with most others.


    It is clear this is some bizarre iCloud problem. Given that there only seem to be a few people experiencing this, rather than thousands, it must be something strange about our particular calendar databases that triggers the errors.

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    Just a quick update to let everyone know that Apple has so far been unable to solve this problem that I can replicate on every device I own running OS X.  Is very frustrating to not be able to use the calendar on my Mac computers.  Fortunately the calendars still do work on my iOS devices.

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    Same here: I am waiting to hear from the Apple engineers, in whose hands the case is (and has been for more than 2 weeks without a response). The senior advisers can't say any more (but they could replicate the problem on their machines), and apparently cannot communicate with the engineers directly either.


    It's quite frustrating that they cannot even estimate when a response from the engineers might come.

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    Any progress resolving this? I still cannot use my calendar app on Max OS devices. I tried to go back to backups from before these problems arose. But even in those backups events now disappear, even if I completely reinstall the calendars (both locally and on iCloud). It seems there is a bug with the calendar app in MacOS X.

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    Well, finally there has been some progress although things are not totally solved yet.  When I got back to my home in Scotland tonight after two weeks of being away, I turned on my iMac and loaded  My original AppleID calendar was still not updating properly ( cannot connect), events created in were not uploading to, my wife's shared calendar events were not showing, but events created in or on my iOS devices were downloading into my calendar on   However, the good news is that the calendar now associated with the test Apple ID that I created with the AppleCare tech was now functioning perfectly.  I do know that the iCloud engineers worked at least twice on my problem since I received warning notices that an iMac and an Apple Mini had connected to my account using the temporary password they created for me that would allow them to work on and see into my calendars. 


    I've communicatd this via email to the AppleCare tech--who is off on weekends--and will await further direction from him as to what to do.  Hopefully the steps they took to "fix" the test account can be applied to my basic account.


    Stand by for further information.

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    Thanks. I did not hear directly from the engineers, and my impression is they have not been very active in my case. I only heard through the senior advisers (who had some follow-up questions but basically are clueless).


    Meanwhile, I tried to restore the calendar from backups from the time when everything was still working (in early October). Even the restored calendar (after erasing everything on my local computers and icloud) does not work now, so I suspect a caldendar app problem, rather than a strict database problem.


    If you are in touch with the engineers, you might mention my case number 360714783. It might help them connect the cases.

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