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How do you let someone borrow a book from your ibooks library?

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  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9

    It's not possible.

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    not possible.

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    You can use the kindle app buy and loan books from amazon, if it is a book can be loaned out. Check before you buy.

  • Pdenham Level 1 Level 1

    Barnes and noble' nook app also allows lending

  • PhoenixMD Level 1 Level 1

        If you want to loan a book out in iBook you simply need to give your account info to the person you intend to loan it too.  Naturally, you would want to be careful of giving your information to someone other than a trusted friend or family member.  Apple makes the option to share amongst devices for purposes such as this. True, it isn't as convenient as the features that Kindle and B&N Nook Offer, but Apple does make this possible for its consumers.  From a larger perspective - in terms of, economics and business- Apple is a top producing tech company that not only supports it's consumers, but also nurtures it's longstanding and future business partners.  As such, they maintain uncompromising quality in these relationships while supporting the U.S. (and global) economy. 


        Whether the limitation on book lending was deliberately designed this way or not, it's important to note that Apple is not primarily a bookstore turned e-Reader manufacturer (like B&N) nor is it an online retail mega-center turned e-reader producer (like Amazon); Apple is, and has always been, an innovative technological company.  They can afford to put boundaries in place within their software that limit the unfair use of media amongst large groups.  Before when books in print were our only option, the ratio of books loaned out from individual to friend or family member might've occurred but donating to a complete stranger was at best a rare practice amongst most readers.  Now that ebooks are so common, the ability to share with people from across the states (even across the globe) is possible. 


    In closing.... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  The question is, "at what cost?"  I am off the opinion that Apple has enabled their consumers the freedom to share information, while (in this case) staying within the realm of ethical and moral guidelines that are ultimately for the greater good.  Is that really so bad? 


    I have been a long-time apple consumer and intend to remain, so not only for their customer service and quality of

    products, but for the way they handle business and use their successes to help others receive the much earned success they have worked hard for.