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My wife is having her battery get used up very quickly.  To the point she noticed her Iphone 4 would last a long time but the 5 is dropping very quickly.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    To sort battery issues, Restore iPhone with iTunes on computer, at end when asked, Set Up iPhone as New. See if battery performance is good. If still problem, make Genius reservation and take iPhone to Apple for evaluation.

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    Thank you.

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    hello everyone, i just bought myself the new iphone 5 and first i drained completely the battery til it turned itself off then i charged it for some 11 hours. i wanted just to know if i didnt destroy my battery life by doing so ?

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    Thank you Brad805

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    Ok I turned off all location services all Notification services. Turned off background app refresh basically everything was off. I played a 12 minute YouTube video that drained my battery 9%.  I then turned on everything location services notifications and played the same video and my battery drained 10%. So turning everything off really doesn't matter. I have done everything to figure this out and the only thing I can think of is it happened in the initial iOS 7 download. Myself I got an error message halfway through the download. Told me to restart the download so I did and it downloaded in less than one minute. I have other coworkers that do not have this problem with iOS 7 and battery drain. Again I do not see any difference between leaving things on or shutting them off.

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    I simply switched off the usage indicator, and with the same daily usage, the battery lasted longer !!


    iPhone 5S, 7.0.3

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    I Have used iPhones for three years so quite a season user , my iphone 5 .was pretty good on battery until the last 7.04 update , now I'm lucky if it gets to 2pm . I returned the phone to a store where they replaced what they deemed a faulty battery , this solved the problem for only 1-2 days now it's back to normal , I took it back to the store who tested the battery and found it to be ok, no surprise there it's new after all, the genius then tried to tell me the battery takes over a week to "settle"down . I have an app called battery life pro , the graph of battery status is all over the place , I wear down my battery every day and fully charge over night the graph did not show this , that means either the app is bad , although it worked fine before update or the phone and battery are not synced , my phone constantly turns itself off at under 10% usually about 7% . This is not right and had not previously been the case .

    On another note I have found ee signal to be getting worse and worse , I have just rediscovered GPRS something my old n95 Nokia used to think was advanced even though I pay them for a 4g signal , I'm not in the middle of nowhere I work in Kensington .

    Any thoughts on theses issues from other users with the same problem or even apple would be greatly appreciated .


    Btw I have tried all the usual turn everything off reload as new phone rubbish , that's just like IT telling you to turn it off and on again , we are not fools .

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    after you set up as new iphone, can u still restore the previous back up??