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With ios5 tv out worked almost fine with the composite cable for our sony analog. (through the scart plug, which gives much better videoquality then straight three color attachment)

IOS6 wrecked all this. Sound is working, video is blank. Why has this been changed?

Apps have been deinstalled, all settings tried, straight plugin does not work either. No video, sound OK. Any suggestions how to rectify this?

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    I have been having this issue and troubleshooting it for a couple of days, finally got someone on the phone through   support apparently it's an "emerging issue" and needs to be seen by technician. I have an appointment tomorrow. Looks like it was a software issue that was overlooked during the ios6 update process. anyone else with a cable issue let me know!

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    Unfortunately, I have the same situation. I hope Apple comes up with a fix.  No video coming out from the composite cable; just the sound. BuGGEd IOS 6 ??

  • fonofidl Level 1 (5 points)

    Same. No help from technician, shrugs only.

  • fonofidl Level 1 (5 points)

    Because of a flaw in the iOS6 software, ALL new iPads and iPhones (as well as any older device operating iOS6) are incapable of outputting video either analog or digital through the dock connector. If Apple salespeople or technicians tell you otherwise they are lying, ask them for a demo!


    Disappointing to me since my software "upgrade" leaves me without a simple feature I've been using since 2008 

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    This happened to me too. No video, just audio. I also tried to connect to an Apple TV and was told it can connect for audio only. I set video back to iPhone, disconnected the cable and tried Apple TV again. That time it seemed ok so I connected the cable again and selected it and all worked as it should. Looks like a bit of configuration gets stuck.

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    is this an error, or has apple decided to kill analog video?

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    Same here: iPhone 4S-32GB.


    Since recently, I do not see the TV out option anymore in the settings. Airplay with Apple TV2 works flawlessly, but when traveling, I do not take ATV2 along, and ATV2 has "only" HDMI output, which is not available on old TVs.


    Therefore, I like to use my Belkin composite cable, which used to work for years but it does not work anymore... only audio, but no video.


    Is there a fix in sight or is there a 3rd party app?

  • macobs30 Level 1 (5 points)

    Actually, according to this info page, it should work:



    ... so what's going wrong here?

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    Well, it does (sort of) work for me. But! But only with videos embedded on a webpage. So I can play videos from web version of YouTube, but the app plays just sound on TV. The same apply for all other video apps. Just sound on TV. Highly annoying.

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    It seems they killed it. I had purchased, recorded, and downloaded videos I would use the composite cable to play through my headrest DVD players on car rides, and to play on my TV at home.  Worked great.  Now the attachment that apple is still selling doesn't do anything but sound.


    Not sure why they would kill it.  I can't put an Apple TV in my car. 

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    Same issue here.  Have an older Ipod touch that I've been using to play videos for my kids in a Toyota Sequoia for the past three years using the an Apple cable.  All of a sudden, it stopped working after I upgraded to IOS 6 with it two weeks ago.  Plays sound but no video on the screen.  Apple seems to be doing a lot of this lately.  Had a similar problem where a sound station stopped playing music and was told it was also an Apple issue.  And they also did the same thing with the new Airport utiliy as it no longe supports the old airport express (had to find a way to reinstall old version). 


    Not sure what they are going to do but they have lost most of my loyalty and am slowly transitioning away from Apple products as they are no longer built with the consumer in mind but seem to be focused on their margins and ensuring customers keep coming back to buy new products that are not really new. I recognize It's their right to maximize profits but getting rid of features like this, in my opinion, is not good business sense.

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    What's really odd is my wife's iPhone 4 on same firmware, same OS, 32G, all the same still works.  I rebuilt mine from scratch and still nothing.