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    Don't think it is the router, I've rebooted it, updated the Firmware to current. Not sure what the router would have to do with the phone itself remembering the password anyway's that I have to put into my phone over and over again every time it dumps connection with the router. If you look at the link I posted 95% of the people say its the phone.

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    I am having the same problem, every time i connect to my wifi and download and large data app

    it seems to disconnect from my wifi. I then need to go back in to the settings and reconnect but as it starts to go in to sleep mode it disconnects.


    Can anyone help.

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    I also have the same problem. I notice that my iphone 5 keeps on disconnecting to our Belkin router. I tried to reconfigured the router thought it was the problem but still getting the same issue.


    I tried to upgrade my iphone 4 from ios 5.1.1 to 6... no dropping connections.


    Please help.

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    Ok, Like many others, I have had the same issues since owning my iphone 5.  The problem  has been on and off for the past few weeks, so today I had an idea.  I was tinkering around with all the settings I could find, and still the wireless would disconnect after the screen would go on lock, and it woulnd't reconnect automatically. 


    Since my buddy also has a router named Dlink, which is also the name of my router (never changed it in the router settings), I thought maybe it could be a glitch in the iOS system since I change between networks sometimes, so I went and changed my network name to a unique name.


    After that I rebooted my iphone, and voila, it seems to stay connected to the wireless now.  Once my phone has been on lock, I click the power button to turn on the screen, and I can see signal switch from 3g to the wireless icon. 


    Don't know if this will work for eveyrone but it seems to have done the trick for me.  Hope this helps.

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    Had the same issue and even had the iphone5 replaced by Apple today - no change!!! Searched the web and somebody came up with the first advice which worked: Go to wi-fi, chose other network, enter name of your wi-fi, chose security WPA and enter password. Since I have done this my wi-fi connection works fine. Recognizes and remembers it always and hopefully forever. Good luck.

    Time for Apple to issue a S/W fix!!

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    Same issue. This doesn't appear to be an isolated bug, but a design issue. I'm plugged directly into my laptop and this still happens. I'm pretty sure it happened when plugged into the wall outlet as well. Do any Apple representatives ever provide support on these forums? Some sort of answer or acknowledgement would be nice. It's pretty ridiculous.

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    This is clearly a BUG, I have an iPhone 4s, iPod Touch, and a first and second gen iPads, all with IOS5 and WIFI works perfectly with the screen locked.


    Then I get the new iPad Mini with iOS 6.0.1 and I have this annoying bug everytime I lock the screen. My WIFI goes AWOL!!!!!

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    Almost a month and still no patch. Seems fishy to me. Seems like Verizon is working closely with Apple to capitalize on the overages of data charges. Why? You tell me. My iPhone 4 and 4s stuck to wifi like super glue. Oh the BS of Apple. Please fix this ASAP!!!

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    I've had my iphone 5 for a few days and it has the same problem whether home or in a known wifi area. I use a netgear router and it is listed twice on the phone. Can't figure out how it got there. one says netgear and one says netgear-5G It always chooses the netgear 5.

    Anyone know how I remove the extra netgear netgear network from the phone?

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    I just got the iphone 5 yesterday and i was using whatsapp on wifi and keeps dsconnecting even while im using it. this is horrible, i heard reviews of the phone which said that the new phone has a really good wifi. good my arse.. im gonna return this piece and get a new one. p.s. the black model gets finger prints and scratched so easily..

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    My home problem was my router. I moved it and it works well.  The problem while outside also has improved. Don't really have an answer, but the phone picks up wifi and holds the signal much better.

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    I am using my macbook on the same wifi and it never disconnects so its not the wifi (or the router) it is most likely the handset that i got.

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    when I first went to the sprint store the 1st phone they were going to give me (black) wouldn't accept an update and had trouble connecting. So I had them order me a white one to make sure I didn't get the same one back. I have two friends that have had bad iphone 5's one wouldn't make calls and the other overheated and burnt out internally. They are making these phones so fast to keep up with demand, their quality control may be slipping.

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    This is not a new issue with the iPhone 5.  My wife and I both have the iPhone 4s, I have an iPad, our daughter has an iPhone 4, and we have an Apple TV.  It periodically does this to all of our phones, has never done it to the iPad, and we sometimes have to disconnect and reconnect the Apple TV. 


    I was just as frustrated to you all and was told by Apple that it was more than likely the security settings for my wireless router (WPA2).  So I downgraded the settings to WEP for about a week and didn't see a problem, but then I thought, this is ********.  I'm not turning all of my security off of my wifi because it MAY be the issue.  So I set my wifi back to WPA2. 


    I occasionally have to turn my wifi off on my iPhone and turn it back on.  This fixes the problem about 95% of the time.  When that doesn't work, I unplug my wireless router for a couple of minutes and plug it back in and then I have no problems.  I am merely a lowly 5th grade math teacher so I have no professional guidance, other than to unplug it and plug it back in and it should fix your problem!


    So try that and quit your whining!    And to whoever proposed the idea of a conspiracy theory between Apple and Verizon, maybe you should work on the Mayan prophecies - or try to figure out this whole 9-11 conspiracy.... 

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    Well my Iphone 5 is just one week old now and i've had problems with its battery, which sometimes suddenly drains from 50% life unexpectedly. And also sometimes when i press the home screen button the screen does not turn on, i have to press the lock button.


    And with the wifi i know that it automatically turns off when the phone goes on sleep but my iphone sometimes dissconnects in midst of using the whatsapp or facebook, i am texting someone on whatsapp and then randomy the text won't go through and if i go to setting to check, it would say 'trying to connect' to wifi and sometime i have to manually connect to the wifi because it doesn't even remember the network. Also i have the macbook pro and use it on the same wifi network and i do not have problems of it dropping the connection or not remembering the network.


    I'm most definitely going back to return it because i did not pay almost 800 bucks for having all these problems. But would most likely also stay with the iphone 5 because i think the galaxy s3 is a ugly phone.

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