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I clearing my memory card from HD cam. I thought I was downloading footage to a separate folder on my ex drive. Instead, all footage is now on a project on HDFC and on my Capture scratch (extDrive). I want to review footage in the future, etc. Can I copy and paste footage into a new folder? Without losing quality, footage etc? Or, is there a better way to save footage for future  use or review?




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    Not sure what HDFC is?


    If you copy from a memory card you must copy the whole thing (card and file structure) and not just the video files.


    Copying files from one place to another should have no effect on the quality.



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    Sounds like you captured/ingested the footage using Final Cut Express ... is that correct?


    What version of FCE are you using?  And what, exactly, is your HD cam (make & model)?


    If you captured/ingested via FCE then you can just copy the clip files wherever you want to.  There will be no change in quality.   However, if you copied directly from the memory card, that's a different story - knowing the make/model of your camcorder will help there.