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    Did they fix your problem iphoto issue? i emailed them but they never got back to me.... if they did fix it do you know what they did?


    Thank You!

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    This was the answer that worked for me. Good luck.

    ownry      Northern California

    TS3989 Re: new photos are not uploading to photostream

    Oct 8, 2012 9:29 PM (in response to randers4)


    I had this problem today with my iPhone 4 (IOS6) so

    when I got home, I turned on airplane mode then turned on Wifi.  (I have DSL and an airport).  Then photostream uploaded pix and my iPhoto and iPad received copies.

    Think the iPhone was confused when 3G on and didn't distinguish between that and Wifi.  could that be the case?

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    They set my gateway to just be a modem and then attached a third-party router.

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    That makes perfect sense. Again, a wifi problem. I'm happy for you.

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    Same problem here, but now fixed.


    • iPhone 4S, iOS 5
    • iMac
    • iPad 1
    • AppleTV
    • Airport Express


    iPhone is the only device that takes pictures; had not been syncing them to Photostream since Nov 4th (just noticed today, Nov. 18th). I have my iPhone on Wifi often, in various places, and normally the photos update fine, so I do not think restarting my home Wifi (Airport Express) is the reason.


    I did the following things, listed in order, and new photos are once again uploading to Photostream, though all photos from Nov 3 till Today are not uploading.


    1. Killed all Apps on the iPhone (had over 40 Apps open)
    2. Restarted phone (hold both buttons for full recycle)
    3. Took a picture - photos NOT syncing
    4. Turned Photostream ON/OFF on the iPhone
    5. Took a picture - photos NOT syncing
    6. Turned on Airport mode ON, then turned Wifi ON; Chose my normal home network (Airport Express)
    7. Turned Photostream ON/OFF on the iPhone
    8. Turned Photostreaming OFF on AppleTV
    9. Took a picture - Photos started syncing at this point
    10. Turned Photostreaing ON on AppleTV
    11. Took a picture - photos still syncing
    12. Turned Airport mode OFF
    13. Took a picture - photos still syncing


    Not sure exactly where the issue was, but possibly had something to do with Airport mode/Photostream ON/OFF/AppleTV comboination starting at step 6? (makes no sense to me). Hope this helps.

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    I took many images during last holiday and 8 last images of them are not syncing, images taken after that are syncing. I am surely been on many wifi's after that and they are still less than 2 weeks old but not syncing.

    Those 8 images don't show on photostream in iPhone either and can't copy them there either.


    Repair this bug what ever it is, it is frustrating when you can't trust this thing.

  • Robby Berman Level 1 (130 points)

    I found a realtively easy fix on my iPhone for its not uploading pix to PhotoStream. After reading the comments above about WiFi issues, I went to Settings/General/Reset and hit Reset Network Settings. After the iPhone rebooted, I rejoined my network, and pictures started uploading immediately.

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