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I have all the original restore floppies that came with this LC II. This is a 4-floppy restore. I have erased the HDD. I boot the mac from the "Install" floppy. After that has been installed, I am instructed to insert the "Install 2" floppy. After that, I am told to insert the "Tidbits" floppy. The next floppy would presumably be the last floppy, "Fonts." I am instead told to insert the first disk, "Install" again. After the disk is inserted, it tells me, "A disk error has occurred and installation cannot continue. Your disk may be Damaged," with a button with the word "Sorry" If the disk was used to install the first part of the software, it should not be damaged. I have tried making a copy of this disk with the same results. What's next? Thank you!LLCPROBEX01.jpg

Macintosh LC II, Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier