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Maybe I misunderstand what "bridge" mode is in the context of AirPorts, but in my mind I picture the bridging of 2 LANs.


Try as I might I can't see how to configure AirPorts to do this.


Both AirPort are model A1301, "802.11n".


The main AirPort (connected to the DSL phone line) is configured traditionally and has supported several wireless Macs for over 2 years.


Using the AirPort Utililty I put the remote AirPort into Bridge mode. Apparently this turns off the wireless function. Hmm... that shoots my idea in the foot.


So how do I (and can I?) extend a LAN using only WiFi between the 2 AirPorts?


To clarify: I want ethernet & wireless Macs on both ends of this link, connected by Wi-Fi using 2 802.11n AirPort stations.


This post implies it's possible but doesn't say explicitly how to do it:


http://store.apple.com/us/question/answers/product/MD031LL/A?pqid=QK74YFTYCTFXTT TPTKDJJPFY4Y7HUX24T


Extra credit: when I choose "Extend a wireless network" (just experimenting), when I choose the wireless network created by the main AirPort, an error message pops up in the AirPort utility: "The wireless network you selected cannot be extended". Why?




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