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  • jacks1964 Level 1 Level 1

    Because I have had the same problem with all three generations

    of iPhones that I have owned,the 4,4S and now the 5.I've also had

    all 3 of them exchanged at some point and it still never solved the

    problem.I can live with it though as it is not a massive issue for me

    and I hate Android and Windows operating systems.I do not come on

    here and whinge about it!

  • Jean- Pierre Level 1 Level 1

    As I wrote before, I am 100% sure that all iphone 5 has this problem with the combination of some carrier with their sim card.

    I have carrier 3 in sweden and me all my friends iphone 5 has the problem.

    Now I am in in Italy using an italian 3 simcard and my iphone 5 (the same that has the" no service" problem in Sweden) and I have not had the problem ones since beginning of december.

    I am sure that all iphone 5 would act the same.

    My iphone 4s does not have this problem.

    My conclusion is: combination of iphone5 with carrier 3 simcard sweden will develop this problem.

    Italian 3 simcard and carrier will work perfect

    Some carrier and theis simcard develops the problem

    Please list which carriers that has the problems

    I can confirm that 3 sweden has the problem with all iphone 5

    Maybe this can help apple with their next software uppdate.

  • gusgrave Level 1 Level 1

    Maybe you should consider changeing service provider then! The odds of all 3 model experiencing the same issue, dissregarding the fact that the components and software are different in all of them, are 1 million to 1.


    It is, without a doubt, a software issue in my case, given that switching airplain mode on and of restores signal. There are no "moving parts" responsible for finding cellular signal, so how could it be hardware?

  • gusgrave Level 1 Level 1

    I agree 100%, same carrier, same issues.


    4 out of 4 friends, who are also iPhone 5 owners and 3 customers are all experiencing the same issue. 2 have had SIM:s replaced, no luck. 5th guy has other provider, no issue! only difference: 3 only on 3G, other provider also has edge... We're holding out for iOS 6.1

  • jacks1964 Level 1 Level 1

    I am with T-Mobile in the UK,but have tried O2 network and had the

    same problem.Have also tried renewing sim cards as well with no luck.

    In my opinion,it is an internal problem with the iPhone's antenna.I owned

    several Nokia phones on the same network for 6 years before switching

    to iPhone two years ago and never experienced signal problems.

    I still have an old Nokia phone on the same network and when I place

    it next to my iPhone inside my home the Nokia displays a full five-bar

    signal while my iPhone struggles to reach three bars at the most!

  • Codstam Level 1 Level 1

    I've started this discussion a couple of months ago and since then I've done every suggestion that has been given here. I've changed sim, a couple of times, got a new phone from apple as well. Have the same carrier as I had before, on my 3Gs. Then I had no problem, now I do.

    It must be something with the softwere connection between iPhone 5 and some carriers. Some of my friends have no problems, standing on the same spot. Only difference is the carrier.

    So what's the common core of this malfunctioning carriers?

    I've got 3 Sweden, doesn't work. My friends got Telia, works.

    Please list your malfunctioning carriers to find the specific common source in the carriers who doesnt work!

    So: 3 Sweden

  • jacks1964 Level 1 Level 1

    This is happening worldwide so it can't

    possibly be the carriers!

  • gusgrave Level 1 Level 1

    We should also adress the two obvous situations that people are tolkning about but not treating as different. Loosing service (dodgy signal) and those like me who cannot regain service/signal.


    My phone is 10 for 10 as long as I don't hit a "dead" spot. I've located 3 so far, never noticed them before since my two previous iphones always reconnected once back above ground. But now, after loosing service, the no service stays indefinetly until fligthmode is engaged/turned off or the unit reset.


    A dodgy or unstable signal, service coming and going, is a different creature. This might be SIM och carrier dependent, affected by coverage, interference or malfunctioning hardware, like antenna.


    I cannot regain signal after loosing it, and only loosing it in 3G deadspots, I'm on 3 (Sweden)

  • fuusio Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same "dead spot" problem with a brand new Saunalahti carrier's sim and iPhone 5 in Finland.

    My wife has no problems with her iPhone 5 and she has DNA carrier's sim.


    My conclusion is that there is some sort of a software issue with iOS 6.0.2. which produces this problem with certain carriers. I have no reason to suspect that it's an hardware issue.


    As a temporary fix I have used the manual carrier network selection in the iPhone settings. Settings - Operator - Turn off Automatic - Select your carrier. It seems that the manual network selection helps the iPhone to reconnect to the network after a dead spot. However, after starting to use the manual network selection, I have experienced other minor problems with phone calls connecting but for the first 5 seconds there is no sound from either end. I.e. I cannot hear the other person answering to the phone and he doesn't hear me. After the few seconds of silence everything works.


    Apple, please fix this problem asap! This is my first iPhone and already I feel betrayed.

  • damianfromnewcastle upon tyne Level 1 Level 1

    In my humble yet very well tested opinion..... It is to do with how your SIM card, carrier settings (therefore software) affects your phone. I used to be with orange which is exactly the same network as ee. I was plagued with the dead spot no reconnect issue. When I changed to ee I got a new SIM card and it makes a change to the phones operating system. With my orange sim installed there used to be a menu called "cell data". Within that was an option to select 3G.

    If I take the orange SIM card out and put in the new purebred ee SIM card and very quickly go to that menu I can watch it change before my eyes to "mobile data" with a new option to enable or disable LTE.


    So the SIM card changes the software settings. I know it does. I can watch it doing it. And there lies the problem. Whatever coding the orange sim forces my phone to use allows this bug to rear it's ugly head. Whatever coding the new ee sim forces my phone to use works.


    Therefore it is software. Who to blame? Apple 100%. They have written software that changes depending what sim is installed.


    I suspect the software algorithm that my orange sim forced my phone to use crashes after a set number of failed attempts to reconnect to a network when in a dead spot. My ee sim if fine and my phone reconnects as it should.


    So definitely not hardware. Definately firmware/software.

  • jacks1964 Level 1 Level 1

    I am still convinced that it is hardware because IOS 6.0.1 was supposed to have fixed it,but didn't.

    Anyway,we have all got our own opinions and I am not going to get into an argument on here.

  • damianfromnewcastle upon tyne Level 1 Level 1

    No one is arguing. We are all here surely to help?  I'm presenting facts that prove that it is not a hardware issue and that it is highly likely to be  a software issue that causes carrier/ sim incompatibility. It is about how the phone behaves with the network. How a phone behaves is all about the software. It is an inanimate object until software tells hardware to perform in a certain way. But you are most welcome to wander down the wrong alley. We'll all still be here when you come back.

  • jacks1964 Level 1 Level 1

    If Apple do not solve this with the next software update,then we can safely say that it is a hardware issue with the antenna.In my opinion,it is anyway but let's wait and see.

  • damianfromnewcastle upon tyne Level 1 Level 1

    How can we safely say its a hardware issue?  I'm telling you that I had the problem and now don't. No little apple fairy came and rewired my phone.

  • damianfromnewcastle upon tyne Level 1 Level 1

    Seeings as I'll repeat. HAD the problem and now DON'T with the same phone I'll leave you all to it. It was a frustrating time for me when I had the problem and I certainly share your concerns and despair with your shiny state of the art toys that don't work. I thought I'd share my findings even though I now am quite happy. But I can't stand it when people dispute overwhelming evidence. Like the same people that believe the earth was created in 7 days. So good luck to all of you. Over and out.

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