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    So im ecperiencing the same issue adn i thought it was a Network issue however as i can see from everyones comments that is an issue with the iphone5 around the Globe as i am currently livving in South Africa. My phone is less thatn a week old ansd i wqaqs ready to take it back to my provider adn request a new one. However this would leave me without a phone for 3-7 working days as they would need to send it to their tech guys to test if the phones faulty. Thankfully i looked this issue up to see if there were anyone with similar issues. And without a doubt there seem to be many people having the same problem. One forum suggested that resetting your network settings should bring service back but i find that if i dont reboot my phone the issue persists and as well as soon it goes into no service mode it usually doesnt recover service.


    So im not sure if i should take it in and request  a new one which could jsut be a waste of my time or actually take it to the istore and see if they have any solutions. So fare iv spoken to 4 of my friendswho are currently using the phone adn they seem to have the same issue.


    Please can we have some answers and see if it is a software issue or a hardware one.

  • NFH. Level 1 (15 points)

    Ariye.M wrote:


    So im not sure if i should take it in and request  a new one which could jsut be a waste of my time or actually take it to the istore and see if they have any solutions.

    You would indeed be wasting your time. I had my iPhone 5 replaced from brand new stock because the old one had a faulty power button, and the new one has the same "no service" issue as the old one.

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    I found a solution on my problem which includes resetting my iPhone via iTunes and NOT via iCloud. Been testing a week now and not a single time has my iPhone displayed "no service" when it shouldn't, and when it has it reconnected to the net.


    TRY IT!

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    It looks like iOS 6.1 has solved half of the issue for me.I travelled by

    train over the weekend and each time it went through a tunnel and

    lost the signal, it reconnected by itself about 20 seconds after coming

    out of the tunnel.BUT,i still had to toggle in and out of Airplane Mode

    to get the 3G signal back as this would not reconnect on it's own and

    it just displayed the circle symbol,which is 2G and much slower.Maybe

    that is a carrier problem??

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    iOS 6.1 seems to have solved the issue for me (losing signal then staying on 'No Service' even when re-entering an area with signal).

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    Thanks for all the feedback unfortunately it seems to be a recurring issue. I phoned tech support and followed their suggestion which went as follows....


    I backed up my phone and iv restored my phone to factory settings then restored from backup. The issue seemed to have gone for approxiamatly 24 HRS. Im sorry to say that iOS6.1 does not solve the issue and the issue is still persisting only way to recover signal is to Reboot my phone.


    I find this very and extremely frustrating as this is honestly pathetic. Surely Apple should release a statement about this issue as it seems to be ona  global scale.


    If anyone has any other solutions like maybe taking it to an iStore or something please advise me as i know its not a Hardware issue and that the phone being replaced would just be a waste of my time. Almost as much as having to Reboot it daily.

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    ugh I didn't even know there has been an ongoing problem with the no service thing.  i been experiencing it for the last 2 months where it would drop signal and state no service but then within a minute or two switch back to network...well today after plugging my iphone 5 to my macbook itune advised me that there was a new update to fix the LTE problem so i went ahead with the update and now my phone display NO SERVICE and I can't connect to network.  I have removed sims and put back in, soft reset, about to do a hard reset back to factory after my phone is done backing up.  this is really frustrating me and I have to work 12 hours tomorrow and looks like I won't be able to sleep unless i get this issue resolve because I can't be without a phone!

  • jacks1964 Level 1 (0 points)

    Life is too short to lose sleep over a

    mobile phone not working properly.We

    all managed okay before mobile phones

    came along so why can't we now?

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    Listen to me I have had this issue and the only way I seem to have resolved it after restoring and backing up is by going into Setting/Carrier and switching LTE off. Try that and service shouldn't be dropping. So sorry and trust I also feel the same. Let me know if this helps my service hasn't dropped since. It's apple and this stupid LTE they have not sorted the issue and it is absolutely pathetic. In the end of the day just turn it off I also had the problem where the service displayed no service for ages and I tried takin out the sim and all the steps you did above it came back after restoring and backing up but because I left LTE on within 24 hours it displayed no service so ya just Turn that Piece of **** LTE off waste of time and effort

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    K, here is the deal.  You gotta call your service provider and ask them to do a network reset for you or if you have a feature like Sprint, where you can do ##update# send on your keypad, that'll do the same thing.


    Reason 6.1 is having issues is because after we updated from 6.0x to 6.1, it took our phone off our providers towers etc, so in low service areas we have the NO SERVICE in most cases.


    Try it and update everyone else.


    This fixed it for me right away, I am with Sprint.

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    Im having the same issue and im with T-Mobile/EE. Although i dont need to reboot my phone to regain service, simply switching Airplane mode on and off does the job. I am also running IOS 6.1, so i dont think the operating system is the problem. Is any one else on EE having this problem?

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    Same crap here, randomly showing "No Service" on ATT 5, other ATT phones around (including older model iPhones) are fine. When I had that before in the same area reseting network settings did the trick it no longer does but a reboot helped. This was happening both before and after 6.1 upgrade so that's not related.

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    I think mine is cured. I did the 6.1 update and soon afterwards itunes asked to install a carrier updaTe that was available. This seemed to cause the problem all over again. So i then did the network reset on the phone and now it is running smoothly. So my conclusion do try the 2 step approach, updat to OS 6.1 and then so the network reset.

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    what is the number to call apple?

  • Vnieks Level 1 (0 points)

    ... Ok this was not the complete solution additionally switch of the LTE completely :


    Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Cellular" > Turn off "Enable LTE"


    Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Cellular" > "Cellular Data Networks" and change EVERY APN from "" to "internet".


    Looks as if it is working...

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