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  • jacks1964 Level 1 Level 1

    Disabling LTE does not solve the

    problem.I am not subscribed to LTE

    and just have 3G but still have the


  • Andy.Whyle Level 1 Level 1

    Have same problem with Hongkongs iphone 5s, but after off 3G, iphone operates properly!

  • greenclock Level 1 Level 1

    I'm getting this with a iPhone 5s on T-Mobile in the UK.

    Have two in the household. Both have the same issue but

    do not experience the issue at the same time.


    Switching Airplane mode off/on fixes the issue but only temporarily.


    Is this a know issue?

    Anyone got experience of speaking to apple



  • ChrisJames204 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem and after reading this thread was ready to give up with the Iphone 5S.  Mine worked for a couple of hours then displayed "no service" I called my service provideder (O2) and apparently the nano sim needs to be re set with the new phone.  10mins later all sorted and have working phone with no problems.  Try calling your service provider!

  • Tahoe9 Level 1 Level 1

    Just trying to figure out this problem also.  I notice it seems to be a problem for the UK, and a few other countries.  I also did not have this problem when I was in the USA, but do when I am in the Philippines.  What I am trying at the moment, which wasn't in the few pages I looked at here, is going into cellular and under cellular data network, choosing ONLY the provider that gave me the SIM card.   Leaving it on automatic does not work in the Philippines, like it does in the USA.  The other available carriers will not support a SIM card from an alternate carrier, and hence....  no service found....   You are connected to an unsupported carrier.   The resets work and other approaches as it forces the phone to look for your carrier again.  


    These are just my thoughts on the problem at the moment.  I haven't gone for a few weeks yet to see if this really solves the problem, but I am curious to gather others feedback on the problem.



  • Tahoe9 Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry,  Typo correction.  Under settings carrier I selected the appropriate carrier to fix the problem....   Typing faster than thinking.....

  • iDidrik Level 1 Level 1

    I started getting this problem on my iPhone 5 (64Gb, white) 1½-2 weeks ago. Its happening everyday now.


    I can't conclude it right now, but it seems that it is worse when I only have <=20% back on the battery.


    (I have tried reset, reset network settings, manuel operator, restoring old backup, all without succes)

    (Airplane mode gets it back on but only for a while)


    Does anybody know of a solution now?

  • moosegirl Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same issue!  I got my iphone 5c last night, set up the phone using a backup from my iphone 4 (which worked perfectly - except for the busted screen).  I have the "no service" message all the time.  I've tried to restart, taking out the SIM card, etc.  Next I'll try going to AT&T store to see if they will replace the SIM card.

  • cnclewis Level 1 Level 1

    Same here. Just started last week. I'll have to do a hard reset two or three times a day. My adult son was with me and his iphone (5, 32G, same as mine) had 4-5 bars and LTE, while mine had "no service." After a hard reset, it works great until it doesn't.

  • jacks1964 Level 1 Level 1

    Blimey,are people still having problems?Mine was solved about a year ago

    with a software update.I also changed networks and that helped too.I now get a better signal.

  • crustycritter Level 1 Level 1

    shiver me timbers, yes, they are / I am. The iPhone 5 has been the worst of all iPhones I've had. after a week the home button stopped working, by the time I was able to go into the apple store I had cracked the screen (not bad really) so apple says they cant fix the home button unless I pay $268 to replace the screen. I argued that the home button stopped working beforehand but they wouldnt budge. I waited until I found out that the price had been reduced to $175 and so went ahead and paid to have it fixed. About 3 weeks later the on/off button stopped working. It was then the holidays and I didnt have time to takeit into the store untill recently (3 weeks ago) and they informed me that the phone had to be replaced and it would be $250 or more cuz I should have come in sooner than I did to report the issue--weel I had reported it, over the phone, they just dont track that I guess (and their attitude really sucked! --Apple store employee in Palm Desert can stick it where the sun don't shine!) So then I called 800-myapple and explained how I was one of the 8 people still buying and selling and evangelizing about Apple all throught the lean ninteies when their stock was in the toilette and that I now owned 5 iPhones, 3 macbooks, a powerMac, and iPad along with AppleTV (to support my wonderful betrothed, ungrateful brats, and my saint of a sweet mother) and all the lot going back to the late eigthies and how one of the "genius" mismanager employees at the Palm Desert Apple store (who is a Radio Shack reject no doubt) ****** me off to no end and that I was already making plans to replace all my apple products and services with Motorola/Google/Azuz (or whatever PC BS that is) and/or head off to the hills to herd sheep alone and I'll be damned if they didnt step up and replace the phone (at another store closer to where civilization has had a better chance to take hold). But now, after approx 36 hours of operation, the wireless and wi-fi signals wig out, 5 bars, 1 bar, searching . . . , No Servkice, 3 bars, no bars, and back again. No way you can make a call, or keep a connection to wi-fi. Now I've wipeed the phone, restored to factory, works for approx 36 hours, then, same thing with the signal going haywire. My 4 iPhone 4Ss are trudging along as relaibly as my old Mercedes diesel, slow but steady. I am about to take the iPhone 5 out and intorduce it to one of my sledge hammers (they never fail). the whole reason I went Apple-only was cuz I would avoid having to do all the trouble shooting I was doing with the PCs I had used to have long ago, (yesterday, all my troubles were so far away) Its been a good long run, almost 20 years, but I think Apple is starting to get loosy goosy on some things, maybe its just the iPhone 5, I hear good things about the 5S. I think the sun is shining just on the edge of that dark coud over my head, just maybe


    thank you for listening, I feel better now

  • crustycritter Level 1 Level 1

    Update: Phone was replaced by Apple and no issue after 36 hours--we consider it solved. We had opened cases with both Apple and AT&T, both were surprisingly helpful and they worked to gether to solve the problem. Apple was especially diligent in following up to make sure the problem was resolved--a gentleman by the name of Alex Parsons has resotred my faith in Apple (I now have an iPad Mini and a MacBook Air on my To Buy list. Thank you Apple! / Alex  :-)

  • grl.color Level 1 Level 1

    Hi guys,

    So I've had the same issue for the past 3 months(or even more as I neglected it by toggle airplane mode in the begginning)

    It started by losing signals while I was asleep. Now it happens all the day/night.



    I've tried everything. Everything means everything from network operator to iPhone settings:

    -I've changed my network.

    -I've changed my SIM twice.

    -I've tried using the phone without 2G/3G.

    -I've tested this issue in different locations and cities. It always happens.

    -I've tried all sorts of restores multiple times(recovery mode etc)

    -Tried using it as a new phone without any apps or data or contacts.

    -The sim works perfectly OK and doesnt loose network on my other fone(blackberry)

    -I'm using another SIM from the same network operator on my other fone. it NEVER looses network

    -I'd this problem before updating the iOS version to 7.0.4. The issue persists after updating it also.


    Apple ASP tested my fone and found no hardware issues.

    But I've mainly experimented everything with my network operator(two of them) and found absolutely NOTHING wrong with it.

    Based on my troubleshooting, I'm 100% sure the issue lies within this iPhone 5.

    I'll visit Apple ASP and would expect them to replace the fone.(they did mention that is the last option)


    Will update wherever this goes.




    (New Delhi, India)

  • FREEZX Level 1 Level 1

    Same happens to me on my iPhone 5s T-Mobile MK.

    When i unlock it i get like 4 SMS messages by my provider that i had missed calls.

    Whenever i talk on the phone, the other person doesn't always hear me (Losing signal?)

    Sometimes they hear beeps on their side.



    This is bullcrap, my old HTC Desire X had THREE TO FOUR DAYS of battery and didn't LOSE THE FKIN CONNECTION all the time. My new and shiny iPhone has ONE DAY at the same usage rate.

  • iDidrik Level 1 Level 1

    Well, the one thing I hadn't tried was a complete reset of the iOS operating system. Last time I used the restore from backup function and that didn't help. But a complete restore of the phone did the trick.