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Why do I keep receiving this pop up message? ""Mail can't connect to the account "Yahoo"  Enter the password for user ------- This started after I seemed to have gotten an update on Apple Mail recently. My password is entered in the account set up and I am sending and receiving Yahoo Mail. This constant pop up message is quite bothersome. Any advice would most certainly be appreciated. I am on a new MacBook Pro with the latest version of Mountain Lion.



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    Try posting this in the 10.7 Mail forum. You'll get more help there.


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    Disregard.....you are in the Mail forum....I screwed up!!!


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    Hello. Have you solved your problem?I got the same message pops up for last couple days.Thank you.

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    I don't know if this will help you or not, but I have seen a few tiems when "yahoo!" whants you to login through their web interface before you can access their servers via imap.  It i spossible that they are doing that again for some reason, and you are getting a vague error message which isn't making this clear.  Have you tried to connect via a web browser login first, then going through the mail app?  If not, try that ans see if it makes a difference.

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    This is prettty maddening because I get the same error message despite checking my keychain and verifying that I am using the correct password. Connecting via the web browser login first does not make a difference..

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    Carol and Koden,

    I had luck with this issue. I opened Mail went to the title bar at the top, clicked on Preferences then went to @ Accounts in it's title bar. I deleted the password in there for Yayhoo (even though it was the correct one!) and re-entered my password.

    I stopped getting the messages.

    Later, On another Mac I had to change my password in yahoo mail's server...change it on all my Macs, then the messages stopped coming once again.



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    Thanks Dale-but that didnt do it-Ive been in the key chain to verify my passwords but it continue to rejects them. I can get into yahoo from the internet but I want my mail in MAC! Im thinking it might be logical to delete yahoo and start over? Ive been searching the web for an answer before I pay Apple to help me...Help!!!

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    carol20bb wrote:


    Ive been in the key chain to verify my passwords but it continue to rejects them.

    I don't use key chain. But did you try doing what I said in Mail preferences and then maybe the same in key chain afterwards?

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    Also in Mail/Preferences/Accounts @ what is your Incoming Mail Server?


    Is your User Name correct?


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    If you are still getting this launch your web browser and manually log in to mail.yahoo.com  Once you are authenticated you should now be able to use Apple Mail with Yahoo without being flaged (until you switch networks).

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    Yes clearing password in prefs and reentering did not work,

    But closing mail then sign out on yahoo and resign in seems to be working.

    **** irritating tho...

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    Had the same problem then found out a setting id never used before, and its sorted happiliy. MDS-Challenge Response, as referred to here http://www.authsmtp.com/mac-mail-mountain-lion/default-port.html


    This was NOT for Yahoo - but another similar POP account - and specifically for MAIL for MAC - but the site has different guidance for different platforms and devices



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    RE: "Mail, Contacts and Calendars preferences can't connect to the Yahoo account "bellsouth.net".


    I recently changed my ATT U-Verse password…and Mail quit working… it wouldn't send or receive, Safari worked fine.  I tried to send an email and a warning message popped up, "Mail, Contacts and Calendars preferences can't connect to the Yahoo account "bellsouth.net". In smaller type the next sentence read, "Enter the password for user johndoe@bellsouth.net". The Password box was highlighted in blue so I just typed in my new password and my email message was immediately sent…but… I still couldn't receive messages AND the above "can't connect" warning message kept popping up on the screen at random.


    Here's the Fix that worked for me. (The problem is that the new password was changed/updated on the keychains "smpt.att.yahoo.com" name-but- the name "pop.att.yahoo.com" didn't update to my new password).


    Go to your Utility windows and select Keychain Access. Under Category select Passwords. Now check your password for your current (newest dated) name, "smpt.att.yahoo.com". Now check the password under, "pop.att.yahoo.com". Mine wasn't the same as my newest password found in my

    "smpt.att.yahoo.com" window so I deleted my old password in the "pop.att.yahoo.com" window and typed in my new password, then selected "Save Changes". MY MAIL NOW WORKED…and no more warning messages cropped up. Problem was fixed.