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I'm having a lot of trouble learning how to use Passbook.


For example, I downloaded a few loyalty cards, but now when I open Passbook, I see them but nothing else - there's no way to add addiitonal cards, no help, no menus, no nothing.  Additionally, I've been unable to find any DETAILED documentation of how to use this new app.  Even the Apple site has just a one-page summary.


Does anyone know where there's a good, detailed user's guide for Passbook?

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    this is all they have that i've found. have you tried searching other passbook threads?

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    You can try the user guide http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/iphone_user_guide.pdf or you can go to Apple.com an check out information there.Only a few apps have support for Passbook right now, and until they have support for Passbook, you will not be able to download them.

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    Thanks to both of you, but I've already read those items. 


    Maybe I'm trying to over-complicate this.  It seems that you can't add new items to Passbook from within Passbook, instead items added elsewhere end up in Passbook. 


    I think I'll go look to websites for various companies who have Passbook capability and try adding from there. 

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    Not that I've found a use for it, but I think you're heading in the right direction. 

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    The only app that I had that was/is compatable with Passbook was Starbucks. I couldn't find a way to add it. I found they had not updated the app yet to be compatable with Passbook. Once they did, and I downloaded the update to the app in the App store, when I opened the app it prompted me if I wanted to add it to Passbook. I believe if you open an app you believe is compatable with Passbook, it should do the same. As I said earlier, not all updates have been done, as there are only a handful of apps that are compatable with Passbook so far.

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    Apparently - and surprisingly for an Apple release - there are almost no participants in the Passbook app.  The only one I've been able to add "officially" (there are some 3rd-party ways to do it) is for Walgreens, and it's pretty cool, as every time I drive by my local Walgreens it pops up.


    But you'd think Apple would have signed up hundreds of retailers for this program before releasing it.  Imagine if they had originally released iTunes with only 10 bands.  To me, that's what they've done here.


    I'm really disappointed in the incomplete nature of the release as it was one of the things I was looking forward to most.  I hate having all those loyalty cards falling out of my wallet all the time and thought this was the solution.  Maybe it will be as retailers catch on, but wow - I'm really surprised Apple introduced a half-basked app like this.

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    I find it strange that you find Apple guilty for the large number of participants who are slow in accepting the idea of Passbook.  Wait and watch.


    (Not in the UK where I am, we're still trying to cope with notched sticks...)

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    I only find it strange in that they've done such a surprisingly awesome job of integrating 3rd parties in the past, e.g., with iTunes, where they got basically everyone to opt in from the start (with the notable exception of The Beatles).


    They're the ones who have set the bar high.  I'm a fan and stockholder, so my comments aren't meant to be negative, only constructive criticism.