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Why, because some clumsy, careless humans couldn't stop scratching a less that 1/4 inch wide lens?  That is no reason for replacing the lens and pandering to their inability to handle advanced technology is not going to push the technology forward. Tossing out cheap cases like you did for the imagined iPhone 4 antenna "problem" will not fix this VERY real problem. I have been a loyal customer since 2005 and this, as stated in the title, could be your most costly mistake. Either your software engineers are going to have to compensate for the purple tint appearing in photos or you're going to sacrifice massive profits to physically replace the lens in every iPhone 5 you have sold and continue to sell. I've read that Apple customer service has tried to sweep this away by falsely claiming that the purple tint is "normal". It is absolutely not normal by any stretch of the imagination. Do not be silent Apple customers! Let the complaints pour like Niagara Falls or settle for the garbage that has been sold.


My former iPhone 4 took better pics.


I hope Apple didn't do the same with the pending iPad mini or this could turn into a maelstrom that even Steve Jobs would not have tolerated.




Extremely dissapointed

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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